IZ*ONE soars high in Oricon with ‘Twelve’

IZ*ONE topped Oricon’s weekly album chart for the second time since its debut.

On October 27, Off The Record and Swing Entertainment officially announced that the Japanese studio album of IZ*ONE titled Twelve ranked number one on Oricon.

Oricon’s weekly album chart gives the first spot to the K-pop group for the weekly data from October 19 to October 26.

After its debut with COLOR*IZ in 2018, the new feat is IZ*ONE’s second time to top Oricon’s weekly album chart.

IZ*ONE also tops Oricon’s daily album chart

Undoubtedly, IZ*ONE achieved its latest series of chart accomplishments. The group also broke the record of fellow K-Pop girl groups on Oricon’s daily album chart on the first day sales.

Furthermore, IZ*ONE got two singles that have been certified platinum. In June 2019, the single Buenos Aires reached platinum status. The platinum status is where the single album reaches 250,00 copies shipped.

Buenas Aires is the second single to go platinum after its Japanese debut single Suki to Iwasetai. Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) confirmed that the album Suki to Iwasetai sold 100,000 copies for gold.

The girl group also gathered over 250,000 copies for platinum.

IZ*ONE going hard for the Platinum title

Moreover, HAPPY HAPPY and Breakthrough achieved platinum in July 2019. It means that IZ*ONE has eight Japanese releases that scored the platinum title.

Since the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) gave the award to IZ*ONE, Oricon announced that other albums were in the top five in its weekly album charts.

Gathered for a teamwork

The Japanese album Twelve contains original songs like Suki to Iwasetai, Vampire, and Beware. The album also includes the Japanese versions of IZ*ONE’s Korean title tracks such as La Vie en Rose, Fiesta, and Violeta.

Moreover, the Japanese versions were participated by IZ*ONE’s Japanese members, Miyawaki Sakura, Honda Hitomi, and Yanuki Nako. They were directly involved in writing the lyrics.

Stay tuned!

Image courtesy of official IZ*ONE/YouTube Screenshot

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