IZ*ONE to extend promotion contract with CJ ENM?

K-pop girl group IZ*ONE, which is in hot talks last year on whether or not to disband next April, seems to extend its activities.

Mnet’s Produce 48 introduced the project group IZ*ONE, and on October 29, 2018, the 12 members made their debut.

In November last year, media outlets reported that CJ E&M has received each IZ*ONE members’ agencies’ opinions and have moved towards the idea of disbanding.

The previous discussion revealed that the agency would listen first to the members’ thoughts a final time before making an official decision. This is since the group still has five months before their contract expires.

It was in Japan that the news about potential disbandment for the group first started. It was then reported that before disbanding in April, the group would release their first photo book in March.

The struggle of the extension

During the recent meeting of CJ ENM with the IZ*ONE members’ respective agencies, they discuss the contract in earnest.

Reportedly, some members have confirmed their wish to stay as IZ*ONE members. They will be preparing to extend a promotion contract with CJ ENM.

Remarkably, if this contract will be completed, this would be the first case of Produce series groups to choose a new path instead of disbanding.

However, the girls’ contract’s formal extension is not going to be as smooth as expected. CJ ENM backs up IZ*ONE by considering them as a victim of the manipulation.

But to persuade the shocked public by vote manipulation, this alone lacks justification of the extension.

The confused agencies

The situation was hinted at by one insider saying that externally, IZ* ONE’s contract comes to an end in April.

Still, they have reached an agreement to wrap up all activities on December 31, 2020, internally.

Several situations influenced the decision, including the production team’s arrest. And the contract for the dorm shared by members ending in December 2020.

The sudden proposal of CJ ENM for the renewal of the contract confused those agencies who are planning new activities after the disbandment of IZ*ONE in 2021.


Image courtesy of Stone Music Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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