J.Y. Park and PSY to join hands for ‘LOUD’

J.Y Park and PSY representing South Korea will be working hand in hand with SBS’s goal to create a new boy group through the audition program LOUD.

On November 2, SBS has officially announced the mega-sized project LOUD production, which aims to create a worldwide boy group.

According to reports, JYP Entertainment’s J.Y. Park and P NATION’s PSY will be joining together on the production.

The Mega-Sized SBS’s Project

The new audition program, LOUD, will air on SBS. It marks another milestone in TV history with a new audition format.

The new program aims to create two groups representing the two companies, JYP Entertainment and P NATION.

With the three companies’ synergy – SBS, JYP, and P NATION, the people’s expectations are high. It will create a powerhouse for a new audition program as expected.

With the collaboration of the two artists J.Y. Park and PSY, the show becomes highly anticipated.

The two are well-known individuals through their uniqueness in the industry through their music. And now, the dynamic duo will come together to create a distinguished program.

Who Can Join The Program?

According to media outlets, all teenage boys who dream of becoming an idol from all over the world are welcome to audition.

The program makes the difference since it is not the same as the existing audition programs, which only focuses on trainees who already belong to a company.

LOUD, per Allkpop, is created by the two producers who have established themselves as K-pop hitmakers. Starting November 2, the show recruits full-fledged applicants.

All selected individuals will be competing to become the final debut member of each agency through the program.

In the second half of 2021, the winners will be debuting as the next-generation worldwide boy group. They will also receive full support from JYP and P NATION.

The detailed information and recruitment guidelines for the show can be found on the program’s official website.


Image courtesy of SBS Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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