Jack’s dilemma in ‘The Last Kids on Earth’ season 3 unearthed

The Last Kids on Earth season 3 follows Jack as the leader of a band of lost kids. He seems strong and reliable. Little do his friends know of Jack’s fears of betrayal and abandonment.

The Last Kids on Earth season 3 recently dropped on the home screens via Netflix. Since then, the show has continued to fascinate the audience, both young and old. Aptly titled as The Nightmare King, this season follows Jack’s nightmares.  Aside from the monsters, Jack is afraid that his friends will leave him if they discover that they are not the last kids on earth after all.

“The Last Kids on Earth” season 3 plot details

The second installment ended with Jack and his friends trying to stop Rezzoch’s portal from opening. Rezzoch has kidnapped zombies, ate their brains, and spit them back into the world.

In the third installment, Jack’s friends discover that they are not the last kids on earth. This had Jack worried. He is afraid that his friends would not be with him for long. To keep them, Jack has to show his friends that where they are now is better than where they will be going. Jack wants to convince his friends that life with him is fun and perfect.

However, he has one problem. It would not be easy to convince his friends, especially since they are being hunted down by the Nightmare King. The Nightmare King is an ancient evil that would not rest until he destroys Earth.

Developed by Atomic Cartoon, The Last Kids on Earth is a hilarious series filled with wisecracking kids with their crazy gadgets. The series gets material from the books of Max Brallier with the same cover title. Nick Wolfhard, Mark Hamil, and Rosario Dawson lead the cast for the series. Furthermore, the third season will feature 10 episodes for its fans to enjoy.

Is there a fourth installment?

The order for a fourth installment would not come as a surprise. There is so much material for the production crew to work on.

Viking Books has published five books of The Last of the Kids on Earth since it first came out in 2015.  A sixth book will soon be out in paperback on Oct. 7, 2020. Kindle released the sixth book on Sept. 17, 2020.  The show is growing to be popular among the streaming giant’s subscribers.  On the other hand, a video game for The Last Kids on Earth is for release sometime in 2021.


Image Courtesy of Netflix Futures/YouTube Screenshot

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