Jackson Wang returns to his roots, promoting the Tokyo Games

Jackson Wang, before he became a popular K-pop idol, was an Olympics-level fencing competitor who trained to take part in the 2012 Olympics.

Chinese singer-rapper Jackson Wang is a rising star who has been an idol, part of K-pop group GOT7 and started his own label, Team Wang. He also ventured out into fashion. Before he entered the music business, Jackson was also an Olympic-level fencer.

Jackson was born to a sports-oriented family. His mother was a world champion gymnast, and his father was an Asian Games fencer with a gold medal. This is also China’s first-ever gold medal in fencing. Jackson followed their lead and became a successful fencer. 

He was a well-known fencer and won numerous competitions such as Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing.

An Olympic athlete exploring the world of Kpop

Jackson, an Olympic-level fencer, was actually supposed to compete in the London Olympics 2012. Even Stanford University offered him a sports scholarship. As a Hong Kong native, he was able to secure a spot in the Youth Olympics.

He finished 11th in the world and was now preparing for the 2012 Olympics. He discovered his passion for music before he could participate. He loved fencing but wanted to try different things instead of staying in one area.

He remained firm in his decision, even though his family and friends were uncertain. In 2008, he had been scouted in JYPE but was too young then. He agreed to audition when they approached him again two years later.

He was accepted and became a JYPE trainee, which led to him moving to South Korea in 2011. The rest is history. He still loves fencing and the Olympics. He is proud to have tattoos depicting the Olympic rings and a fencing sword.

He’s also very fit as he displayed his skills in 2016 during a variety show, beating Gu Bon-Gil (a South Korean Olympic champion).

Jackson’s new role in the Olympics

He is also participating in the Tokyo Olympics but in a different capacity. Jackson was invited to participate in the Tokyo Olympics promotional video. 

This video aims to show the Olympic spirit. Jackson is intimidating with his intimidating appearance and his powerful suit. He narrates the history and accomplishments of the Olympics and the stories of all the athletes who took part.

As his fans celebrated him, they took to Twitter and showed their support. One fan wrote, “Jackson Wang is indeed above Kpop. That’s all. That’s it. He is now, ten years later, fulfilling his childhood dream as an artist. Jackson Wang, you’re in a class all by yourself.


Image courtesy of TEAMWANG/YouTube

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