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Jada Pinkett Smith ‘helped destroyed’ August Alsina, source claims


Jada Pinkett Smith admitted her “entanglement” with August Alsina, but one insider accused her of only destroying the singer-songwriter.

Jada Pinkett Smith initially denied that she had an affair with August Alsina. However, she changed her statement on her Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk.

Jada Pinkett Smith destroyed August

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith addressed August Alsina’s allegations that he had an affair with Jada. The latter confirmed it and said it happened when she and Will separated.

A Hollywood actress close to the Smiths spoke up about the matter. According to her, Jada only destroyed August.

“You can look at August and see that there’s a certain amount of pain that he is feeling, and you can hear in his words that he’s trying to speak his truth while still protecting the Smiths,” the source told Page Six.

The insider then went on and said how Jada was supposed to be August’s mentor. However, she only left him devastated and hurt. The source concluded that Jada didn’t help but only destroyed August.

“Jada [previously] said she was mentoring him . . . what kind of mentoring was she giving him where he felt he gave his all to a relationship that has left him devastated and hurt?” the insider continued.

“You did not help him, you helped destroy him.”

How August came into the Smith family

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith’s son Jaden introduced August to her during the London music festival in 2015. According to onlookers, Jada and August spent the entire time together, and they looked cozy.

August confessed that he joined their family vacation in Hawaii in 2016. A year later, he and Jada appeared on the 2017 Bet Awards red carpet together.

In 2018, Jada said they embraced August in the family. She also said that they were with August on his journey towards his healing.

In 2017, August announced that he had a liver disease and his autoimmune system attacks itself. He underwent surgery a year later. In July 2019, August announced on Instagram that he lost the ability to walk.

Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina’s romantic rumors began even before his confession

In 2019, August released a video for his song Nunya. It featured a display of text message exchange between him and a woman named Koren, Jada’s middle name.

According to Complex magazine, the song “illustrates his relationship with a woman who’s rejected him but is still trying to keep tabs on his sex life.”

During the Red Table Talk conversation with her husband, Will Smith, Jada confirmed her affair with August. She called it “entanglement,” and according to the netizens, Will looked broken following her confirmation.

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