Jaden Smith receives criticisms after wearing ‘disgusting’ Halloween costume

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith prepared his best costume yet for this year’s Halloween party. However, people did not receive his efforts that well.

It was the time of the year again, and all Hollywood celebrities donned their best costumes for Halloween, including Jaden Smith.

Of course, Kendall Jenner threw one of the best events out there. The star-studded party then became the home of the Hollywood stars who poured their hearts in flaunting their attires.

Even the 22-year-old star joined the moment by wearing something different during the event.

What Jaden Smith wore

The party itself faced massive back as Jenner’s guests appeared to be maskless. They also broke the protocols by refusing to practice social distancing.

Over 100 stars attended the party, and no one wore a mask except for Smith.

However, he wore a different and, reportedly, disgusting one.

Without any explanation, Smith went to the party wearing an oxygen mask as part of his costume.

On Twitter, a number of netizens called him out as they assumed that the young actor dressed up as a COVID-19 patient.

“People are ignorant to say Jaden Smith was wearing a mask so he protected himself? This is an oxygen mask, it gives supplemental oxygen. It’s not protecting anything if anything there are holes to extract the oxygen,” one netizen said.

Another one wrote, “Not at jaden Smith LITERALLY cosplaying as an covid patient wearing an oxygen mask. I guess when u have money u can make fun of world pandemic. Oh to be rich and unbothered.”

Smith indirectly explained costume’s meaning

After his image got viral, he seemingly addressed the issue on his Instagram and defended himself.

On Monday, he shared a promotional picture of the movie “Tenet.” He, reportedly, got the idea of wearing an oxygen mask in the said movie, which debuted on big screens this year.

To recall, its lead star, John David Washington, wore an oxygen mask while wearing a suit.

“We Live In A Twilight World,” he captioned the post, explaining that his costume is nothing but Tenet-inspired.

After realizing this, his fans came forward and spoke in his defense.

“I don’t think Jaden Smith was making fun of anyone by wearing the oxygen mask!” one fan said. “I think he was trying to kick it but also be safe and not breathe the same air as everyone else!”

Jaden Smith has not directly talked about the issue yet. But at least he remains calm, as usual.

Featured image courtesy of Web Summit, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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