Jamal Crawford unveils his NBA journey and relationship with Jordan

Jamal Crawford releases short documentary about his NBA journey

In partnership with The Players’ Tribune, NBA veteran Jamal Crawford takes us back to his life before basketball and it looks like he isn’t done yet.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) restart draws near and teams are trying to go through the life inside the bubble, fans are slowly seeing the return of an NBA sixth man veteran.

The Brooklyn Nets still have a battered lineup as the majority of their key players are out for the rest of the season. However, with the recent acquisition of veteran Jamal Crawford, the Nets may still have a hint of hope.

Taking a trip down memory lane

The NBA veteran recalls his journey by revisiting his high school where he felt he enjoyed basketball there compared it to his college and NBA days. This is also the place where he never lost a game and where he had the most fun playing basketball.

In the short documentary, Jamal Crawford also introduced his long time high school teammate Nate Robinson. He also revealed in the video that before becoming an NBA player, he was working in Key Arena where he brings food to the concessionaires.


From there, he would also watch the Seattle Supersonics play while working, and this where he would also dream that one day he’ll be part of the NBA. Now, the fans are seeing him once again in a Nets uniform.

Jamal Crawford unveils his NBA journey and relationship with Jordan

Crawford on his 20th year and his relationship with Jordan

Jamal Crawford has been known for his killer crossovers especially during his time on the Los Angeles Clippers.

However, most people wouldn’t know that he started his rookie season in the Chicago Bulls and this is where Crawford was introduced to the NBA followed by the New York Knicks.

In the documentary, he would relate his time with different teams as “albums.” He even had a time wherein he was briefly part of the Golden State Warriors where he averaged 19.7 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 4.4 assists a game.

He even mentioned that he was able to be part of a commercial Jay-Z and Michael Jordan. Crawford playing as the “young 23” on the Chicago Bulls and Jordan as the “old 23” on going back to the Washington Wizards.

Crawford also recalled his commercial with Jordan in a recent Sportscenter interview on ESPN this year. For those who are curious about the commercial, a YouTube user posted it here.

He also recalled April of his last year with the Suns where he had the highest average score of 31 points off the bench in his whole career.

Here’s a throwback video where he was able to score 51 points during his time on the Phoenix Suns at age 39.

Fans shall see if the Brooklyn Nets would be able to turn back the clock for the 40-year old veteran as he will also mentor the young bloods. This might be the chance for Jamal Crawford to silence the critics as he still has some fuel left in the tank.

Images courtesy of The Players’ Tribune/YouTube Screenshot, Mattia Panciroli/Flickr

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