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Jameela Jamil criticized after citing ‘privilege’ as her skincare secret


Jameela Jamil revealed the secret behind her clear skin.

The Good Place star Jameela Jamil posted a bare-faced photo of herself on Instagram before the Emmys. She said that she was preparing for her makeup and attire for the event.

Several individuals immediately placed their compliments on the comment section. Among all the praises, she responded to a particular comment, stating that her skin is “perfect.”

However, the actress’s response “annoyed” many netizens, according to Cheat Sheet. This sparked debates and criticisms among Twitter users and Jamil even took the time to “clap back.”

Jameela Jamil cited “privilege” as one of the reasons

Jameela Jamil gave three reasons why her skin is “clear.” She mentioned that she exfoliates twice a week and that “trans rights are human rights.” But, before stating these things, she first reasoned out that privilege plays a major role in this.

She explained that people of privilege “have more access to good quality nutrition.” She further expanded her response and shared how their lives, including hers, are “significantly less stressful” than those with less privilege.

The celebrity continued that she gets to sleep more because of this. These factors keep her hormones in balance, she added. As a result, she has clear skin.

Netizens found her response “annoying”

A Twitter user posted a screenshot of Jameela Jamil’s response. The netizen captioned it with “could she be more annoying.”

Several individuals then chimed in and agreed to the netizen’s assertions. Many of them conceded that the actress “poorly executed” an attempt to “humblebrag.”

The post has gained a huge audience, which further expanded the controversy. It even reached Jamil causing her to defend herself on the platform.

She “clapped back” to the criticisms

Jameela Jamil “retweeted” the original post. Privilege “exists in many forms,” the actress explained. She added that this might be in the form of “wealth, physical ability, race, beauty,” and even size.

She then made a sarcastic remark, noting that “they” would rather prefer false advertising that the audience could look “exactly” the same. In her later comments, the activist argued that it is the “pivotal first step” to dismantle the “miracle cure” quick fix nonsense market. They all thrive on the “lack of transparency,” she noted.

The arguments have continued to develop among netizens. But, Jameela Jamil ended her points and clarified that she doesn’t care about what others think about her intentions.

Featured image courtesy of Jameela Jamil/YouTube

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