James Cameron’s Avatar sequels will cost a hefty $1 Billion to make

Tentatively titled, Avatar 2, one of the up and coming Avatar Sequels by James Cameron

Slated for four sequels, James Cameron’s iconic film, Avatar, will continue in theaters, but at a heavy price of expending $1 billion for the endeavor.

If the cost estimation is correct, the Avatar sequels will roughly cost $250 million each.

Planned Release Dates

The production for the first sequel, Avatar 2, reportedly, started in 2017 and is slated for release on December 17, 2021.

But even the succeeding sequels have already a release calendar ahead of them, essentially at a 2-year interval in between, as per Deadline.

The second sequel, Avatar 3, will hit theaters on December 2023.

The third, Avatar 4, will follow suit two years after on December 2025.

The last entry and epic conclusion to the series, Avatar 5, will release on December 2027.

Ongoing Production

Further report also claims that Cameron and producer Jon Landau continued filming the live-action scenes even during the pandemic.

Following such, the production crew went on to do the virtual aspect of the movie, under the helm of Weta Digital in California.

Weta Digital is an award-winning special effects company whose mastery in the art touched a long list of Hollywood films, including Avatar (2009).

To the unaware, Weta Digital is co-owned by Peter Jackson and is based in New Zealand.

It has been in operations for the last 27 years since 1993.

Proof of Action

Working on a scene that involves waters, Avatar’s official Twitter page tweeted an image depicting the entire crew working in a tank.

On the left image, it shows the acting models and a cameraman at the center of a pool. Seemingly superficially isolated from the rest of the water pool area.

As part of the tweet, a note mentioned the inclusion of floating balls on the surface of the pool. The purpose, it mentions is to blanket the water from the presence of light that interferes with the filming.

The image on the right is a semi-submerged shot showing a clearer view of the floating balls.

When was the picture taken, however, is uncertain. What is guaranteed, though, is that the production team is not back in New Zealand just yet.

Meanwhile, it is not just the Avatar crew who are bound for New Zealand. Amazon also appears to be in on the business, too, as it creates a TV series for The Lord of the Rings.

Movie fans would recall that the movies produced based on Lord of the Rings were also taken in New Zealand.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Avatar

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