James Corden attacked by netizens after reports he will replace Ellen DeGeneres 

James Corden attacked by netizens after reports he will replace Ellen DeGeneres 

James Corden has been subjected to intense backlash from Twitter users after several outlets claim that he will be replacing Ellen DeGeneres.

James Corden is not replacing Ellen DeGeneres, but some outlets claim that the management is considering him for DeGeneres’ time slot. However, several netizens disapproved of the idea, with some sharing their horrible experiences with The Late Late Show host.

James Corden horrible stories on Twitter

Several netizens disapproved of James Corden as Ellen DeGeneres’ replacement, because for them, he is as mean as the controversial host. In fact, several considered him worst than the Ellen Show host.

A number of netizens took to Twitter and shared their not-so-kind encounter with Corden.

“One time I saw him at a restaurant in LA, the waitress was serving the table next to him, she bumped into him by accident when putting down their food and he stood up and pushed her head into the bowl of hot soup she had just put down on the table. 2nd degree burns,” @changryazn wrote.

“Met at the stage door after seeing the History Boys. He was crude and embarrassed me when I mentioned wanting to meet another cast member that I had seen in another show. Not a fan,” @ShanaWestlake added.

“Corden literally showed up to a WGA meeting unannounced once just to advocate for lowering late night writers salaries,” Cyrus commented.

Corden worse than Ellen

Many also find James Corden worse than Ellen DeGeneres. According to some Twitter users, if they find Ellen mean, James is worse. So, they don’t want him to replace the Grammy nominee.

“James Corden is much much worse and more annoying than Ellen,” @sighyam wrote.

“James Corden is worse than Ellen. He’s one of the worst humans in Hollywood. He’s foul, rude and a total di– in real life,” @PaintingSurger agreed.

“James Corden is just as bad if not worse than Ellen based on the stories I’ve read,” @broadcities opined.

Jimmy Kimmel is better than Corden

Meanwhile, another user shared a story about Corden being “surprisingly not nice in real life.” According to the person who wrote the story, they visited and watched Corden’s show, but their encounter was a disappointment because he looked “more annoyed than happy with his job.”

“As soon as the cameras were off he checked his mobile, didn’t even look at the audience. He got annoyed if something didn’t work out and showed it. When the audience clapped for too long he got annoyed and made signs so we stop or vice versa,” the article read.

“I went to Jimmy Kimmel recent and I loved it. He is such a genuine guy, off camera interacted with us, it was so much fun. So if you have the choice go to Jimmy,” the message concluded.

Imaged used courtesy of The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube Screenshot

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