James Corden is ‘worse’ than Ellen DeGeneres, Twitter users mock rumored replacement

James Corden is 'worse' than Ellen DeGeneres, Twitter users mock rumored replacement

James Corden is allegedly replacing Ellen DeGeneres, but many Twitter users disapproved of the comedian saying he is worse than Ellen.

James Corden is one of the names being discussed as Ellen DeGeneres’ potential replacement. The Ellen Show has been subjected to various allegations, and many fear that it will be axed for good. However, fans don’t want Corden as DeGeneres’ replacement.

James Corden is worse than Ellen DeGeneres

Page Six shared an article on Twitter about James Corden being in line to replace Ellen DeGeneres. However, the post received an intense backlash from several Twitter users who strongly disapproved of the idea.

“I’m pretty sure James Corden is WORSE than Ellen,” @alexandralorian commented.

“James Corden is even worse than Ellen. Met him several times catering exclusive events in NYC, and his on screen “persona” is total bullsh–,” @ItsMikeHartman added.

“James Corden is just as bad if not worse than Ellen based on the stories I’ve read,” @broadcities opined.

“James Corden is much much worse and more annoying than Ellen,” @sighyam wrote.

“James Corden is worse than Ellen. He’s one of the worst humans in Hollywood. He’s foul, rude and a total di– in real life,” @PaintingSurger agreed.

Twitter users suggested potential options

According to other Twitter users, there are a lot of potential replacements for Ellen DeGeneres aside from the Late Late Show host. Among their favorite are Wanda Sykes, Anderson Cooper, Tiffany Haddish, and Ali Wong.

“there are countless of other comedians that could fill this slot. there is no need to put this guy on everything,” one wrote, disagreeing the idea of putting Corden on Ellen’s spot.

“So many great options like Wanda sykes, Anderson Cooper, Ali Wong, Tiffany haddish, and theyre considering James corden??” @queenofhimbos asked.

“Wanda Sykes, Tiff Haddish, Hannah Gadsby, Andy Bryant & Kate MacKinnon duo, Ali Wong, Nicole Byer, Kenan Thompson …. the list is endless,” @Ni_motjuste added.

“Should be Wanda Sykes. Unless…Wanda will replace Corden?” @AnitaM86 opined.

Replacement still not final

One should take the report about Corden replacing Ellen DeGeneres with a grain of salt for many reasons. First, NBC has not axed the Ellen Show, it’s just under investigation.

Second, Corden has his show and contract with another network. It would take years before he will be free from his previous contract.

Third, one of the Ellen Show executive producers guaranteed fans that the show is not going off-air. EP Andy Lassner responded to a fan who expressed concern about his employment due to the allegations against the show.

“I seriously wish you well. If the Ellen show goes off the air due to all these allegations (I, personally, have stopped watching) I hope you are able to find employment quickly. Your twitter account always made me laugh. But we do disagree on one thing,” the fan wrote.

“Nobody is going off the air,” Lassner replied.

Image used courtesy of Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

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