James Corden takes break from late-night talk show after eye surgery

James Corden takes break from late-night talk show after eye surgery

James Corden is currently taking a break from his Late Night Show after recently getting a surgery.

The English comedian announced via his Twitter account that he had a minor surgery on his eye, Tuesday.

The eye problem

He did not give further details about the surgery or what his condition was that needed medical treatment. However, it may be linked to his explanation during an interview with Joe Jonas.

He said that the reason why he wasn’t driving the car during a carpool segment with Justin Beiber was because he had a problem with his eye and they were worried it wasn’t safe.

For context, Corden explained that reason after a fan captured a video of the car being pulled by a truck while filming the segment. He was accused of not driving the car during the carpool episodes.

Corden denied the accusation though and said that he has driven that car for 47 of the 52 episodes. He also insisted he drives it “95 percent of the time.”

“I want credit for it because I was raised driving on the completely different side of the road!” the host quipped.

Filming from his garage

The talk show host assured the fans that he was “doing well and recovering” from the surgery. However, he stated that his recovery period will mean that there will be no new episodes for a few nights on his show’s network CBS.

Corden has been filming episodes of The Late Late Show with James Corden in his garage for the last few weeks due to the pandemic.

He was able to set up a nice office space complete with a desk, signature mug, and a red landline telephone. Looking sleek and neat with his suit and tie, Corden’s show is business as usual. Even his band is virtually present.

He’s been able to successfully conduct interviews from his garage, feature three videos that can cheer viewers up, and just come up with episodes that are light and funny. It’s a show that many has turned to for feel-good laughs during the pandemic lockdown.

Show indefinitely on hiatus

Since Corden will be taking some time to fully recover from his surgery, fans will have to endure some nights without a new episode.

The Cats actor did not mention when he will be coming back so as of now the CBS show is indefinitely on hiatus.

He also thanked in his tweet everyone who has been watching his late-night show from his garage. Telling everyone that he will be back soon, he wishes everyone to stay safe and well.

Featured image courtesy of The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube screenshot

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