Jamie Foxx not supportive of pal Kanye West’s presidential bid

Jamie Foxx is not supportive of his pal Kanye West’s presidential bid and even took a swipe against the rapper.

Jamie Foxx and Kanye West are good friends. The actor-singer appreciates Kanye West’s talent, but he doesn’t have the same enthusiasm when it comes to West joining the politics.

Jamie Foxx reacted to Kanye West presidential announcement

On July 4, former NBA player Stephen Jackson slammed Kanye West on Instagram. “Kanye Trump. Fool u once shame on them fool u twice u and 2x fool,” he wrote and added that he had enough of the “clown s—t.”

Jackson also shared DJ Hed’s tweet on his post.

“No more voting for celebrities who’ve never held public office. If you wouldn’t hire a plumber to work on the electrical wiring in your house why would you vote this way? America’s obsession with fame/celebrity is the end game,” the tweet read.

Jamie Foxx reacted to Jackson’s post and agreed.

“Gottdamn right!!! Ain’t got time for the bulls—-t!!!” Foxx wrote.


Foxx and West’s friendship revisited

Jamie Foxx and Kanye West are good friends. West impressed Foxx when the latter heard him rap for the first time.

In a past interview back in 2017, the Ray actor recalled his first meeting with West.

“This kid walks in with a backpack on, and his jaw busted,” he said, referring to West.

After learning that West was a rapper, Foxx asked for a sample. He ordered West to freestyle, and the latter did not disappoint him.

“Wow, boy. You’re gonna be famous,” Foxx recalled.

“Then he said to me, ‘I have this song that, that I think you will be great on if we could go to the studio and do the song.'”

They recorded the song, and West corrected Fox when he sang it using his own R&B style. West told him he should “sing it simple, because it’s hip-hop.”

The comedian confessed that he “sung it begrudgingly, thinking this song is whack.” When they met again, West told him the song was No.1 in the country.

“That’s how you get it wrong but right sometimes,” Foxx added.

Foxx and West collaborated for the latter’s single “Gold Digger.”

Foxx back into the dating game

Jamie Foxx dated Katie Holmes for six years. They never publicized their romance, but their split was confirmed earlier this year.

According to reports, Foxx has reunited with his ex Kristin Grannis, who is the mother of his daughter. Their reunion allegedly left Holmes devastated, according to Closer.

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