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Jamie Foxx, Tom Cruise worried about Katie Holmes, thinks actress is rushing things with Emilio: Rumor


Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo’s relationship is, allegedly, causing concerns among the actress’s exes.

According to Star, Katie Holmes doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to relationships. And the actress’s friends are, allegedly, concerned that she may be rushing into things with Vitolo.

“Emilio is very charismatic and charming and has women falling at his feet. People close to Katie are scared this will end in tears for her,” the source said.

Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise are worried about Katie Holmes

Holmes’ ex-husband, Tom Cruise is, allegedly, concerned about the actress being in a relationship with a cheater. After all, Vitolo was still engaged to Rachel Emmons when he started hanging out with Holmes.

A source told the tabloid that Vitolo decided to come clean about his relationship with Holmes after learning that their photos will be published by tabloids.

“Emilio knew his cover was blown. It was only a matter of time before everyone found out, so he moved fast and told Rachel they were through,” the source said.

Holmes’ ex-boyfriend, Jamie Foxx also, allegedly, sent the actress rude texts about Vitolo. But despite his and Cruise’s concern, the Dawson’s Creek star remains unfazed.

“She and Emilio connect over their passion for culture, cooking, and fine dining. He’s very witty and constantly has Katie in hysterics, and she hasn’t stopped smiling since they started dating. Emilio’s warm nature puts her at ease, and she feels really comfortable opening up around him. Emilio’s first man Katie’s felt this way about in a long time. She definitely sees a future with him,” the source said.

Katie Holmes happy, in love with Emilio Vitolo

The insider also said that Katie Holmes seems to be glowing since she and Vitolo started dating. The chef is also, allegedly, very different from Foxx so hanging out with her is making it easier for Holmes to forget about her ex-boyfriend.

“Unlike Jamie, Emilio isn’t into the whole nightclub scene and partying all night, and they have so much more in common. Emilio treats Katie like a princess, and he’s helping Katie to finally forget about Jamie once and for all,” the source said.

Is Holmes a cougar for dating someone eight years younger?

But despite the couple’s alleged happy relationship, at least one tabloid criticized Holmes. National Enquirer accused the actress of being a cougar for dating a 33-year-old. Holmes is just 41 years old.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Foxx and Cruise didn’t reach out to Katie Holmes due to her relationship with Vitolo.

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