Jana Duggar could enter courtship this year, check out clues

Jana Duggar could enter courtship this year, check out clues

Jana Duggar may finally enter courtship this year, and fans who have been waiting for that will surely be delighted.

Jana Duggar is the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Four of her younger sisters have already married and started their own family. The 19 Kids and Counting On fans have been waiting for her turn to walk down the aisle.

Jana Duggar could announce courtship

Jana Duggar has not properly introduced anyone on the show. Typically, the Duggar children would announce their courtship on their reality show. Engagement and wedding announcements usually follow after a few months.

In the newest trailer of Counting On, Jana revealed how she feels about people asking her relationship status.

“It can be tiring, everyone asking. I mean I wouldn’t mind it,” she said.

According to Cheat Sheet, some fans think there will be a surprise courtship announcement for Jana this season. However, there is no concrete evidence for that at present.

The publication added that if that will happen, it will be in the last episode of the season. In that way, the family can score another season or more. Usually, TLC will cover the courtship up to the wedding day.


Hints that Jana is courting

International Business Times suggested several signs Jana could announce courtship on the show soon. Among the reasons is her age, Jana is already 30. She is the oldest Duggar to remain single.

The Duggar kids usually marry young. The majority of them married in their early 20s and welcomed their child before turning 30. Her twin brother Josh-David welcomed his first baby with wife Abbie Burnett days before he celebrated his 30th birthday.

Also, Jana has already joined Instagram. In fact, she has been active on the social media platform for quite a while.

Usually, the Duggars start an Instagram account before making a courtship announcement. Since Jana already did that, a courting announcement could follow.

Non-stop courting rumors

Additionally, there has been non-stop courting rumors between Jana Duggar and Lawson Bates. Per The Hollywood Gossip, pre-courting is a real thing in the Duggar family.

Before the Duggars embark on their sexless form of dating, which they call courtship, they usually engage in a chaperoned version of pre-courting.

In that stage, another Duggar will join her or his sibling, who will be courting. Just recently, a video of Jana playing a board game with Lawson made the rounds online.

Lawson’s sister, Carlin Bates, shared it on her Instagram Story. In the clip, Jana and Lawson were with Carlin, Carlin’s husband, and Jana’s sister Johannah Duggar. Many took Johannah’s presence at the said outing a strong hint of Jana’s courtship.

Image used courtesy of TLC/YouTube Screenshot

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