Jana Duggar writes her parents social media posts? Critics think so

Jana Duggar writes her parents social media posts? Critics think so

Jana Duggar is her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s social media handler, according to some fans. They are convinced that she’s the one who posts on behalf of the Duggar patriarch and matriarch’s social media accounts.

Jana Duggar is the oldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Many were surprised that at her age, she’s still single. Some speculate that she’s behind the posts of her parents online.

Jana Duggar behind her parents’ social media account?

Jana Duggar does a lot of things for her family, from handling the household chores, taking the kitchen to looking after her younger siblings. Due to her huge role at home, many were convinced that she’s also behind her parents’ social media posts, Showbiz Cheatsheet.

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar usually shares a special message for their kids on their birthday on the Duggarfam Instagram account. But critics were quick to notice that the birthday greeting for Joy-Anna Duggar was not specialized for her.

“Wow what a special birthday message! NOT. this is so generic,” one wrote on Reddit.

Due to the post, many speculated that Michelle and Jim Bob didn’t write it, but their daughter Jana did.

“What makes it funnier is that Jana likely wrote it too,” one commented.

Some viewers have already suspected that Jana’s parents require her to do most of the tasks at home. Many even believe that it’s the reason Jana remains single while four of her younger sister have already tied the knot and started their own family.

Why Jana is still single

There are various speculations about Jana Duggar’s single status. There are rumors that she’s lesbian. However, another theory claimed that Jim Bob Duggar doesn’t want to let her go because it is “too important to running the household.”

Jana usually takes over her mom Michelle’s responsibilities at home. Some sources added that Jim Bob only wanted to delay Jana’s marriage and really delay it. However, the 30-year-old reality star was already discouraged and probably too old to marry.

Jana wants to find her the one

In contrast to speculations, Jana Duggar wants to find her the one. She admitted that she longs to be married, and she believes that that will happen one day. Jana keeps herself busy while waiting for her, the one to avoid boredom.

“I think if I sit there and I’m like, ‘Oh no, I’m not married’ and just [get] all worried about it, it makes things way worse,” she said.


Image used courtesy of Nicki Swift/YouTube Screenshot

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