Japan may never host Tokyo Olympics 2020 if canceled again

The awaited Tokyo Olympics 2020 is now being threatened by the current crisis of the coronavirus pandemic.

It may altogether be obliterated if it will not happen by 2021. The Tokyo Olympics 2020 is supposed to transpire from 23 July to 8 August of this year. However, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the event will be moved to 2021. The International Olympics Committee met last March to make the decision.

Japan like the other countries has been hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the possible cancelation of the Olympics next year, Japan will truly be hit hard.  The coronavirus pandemic has brought so much threat to public health and the huge gatherings such as the Olympics will triple the risk of being infected.

The Olympics 2020 may never happen if COVID-19 persist

Tokyo games president, Yoshiro Mori announced that if the Olympics will not happen next year, Japan may never host the sporting event in a long time. The current situation of the pandemic is highly creating doubts on the health experts about the direction of the event. 

Japan Medical Association(JMA) president, Yoshitake Yokokura had also raised his concern if COVID-19 treatment will not be created by next year. The pandemic could pose a greater risk because it is not only confined in Japan but is worldwide. 

Apparently, without a vaccine or treatment to COVID-19, the Olympics will have to be rescheduled for another year or so.  Furthermore,  if the curve of the pandemic continues to increase, the other countries may not be able to participate.

There are already more than 13,000 confirmed cases and 385 deaths in Japan. If the number of confirmed cases will not decrease, Japan may have a hard time controlling the pandemic once the Olympic games start.

Japan is pushing to host the Olympics next  year

Tokyo Games President, Yoshiro Mori is confident that Japan will host the biggest sporting event next year as scheduled.

“This Olympics would be much more valuable than any Olympics in the past if we could go ahead with it after winning this battle”.

OIC President Thomas Bach is also optimistic that the Olympics with be running next year, with the help Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the Japanese Government. 

Japan is taking measures amid COVID-19

Japan is taking measures to ensure that the pandemic is monitored to the highest level. There will be close coordination between the International Olympics Committee, Tokyo Games 2020, and the World Health Organization to exchange information on how to deal with the pandemic. 

Altogether, the Olympics Committee assures the public that Japan will do what it can to host the Olympic games.

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Image Courtesy from TODAY/Youtube Screenshot

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