Japanese billionaire offers free banking to every crypto exchange

A Japanese billionaire is launching a new crypto bank and will allow any exchange to offer its white label banking services for free.

Fusion Bank (also behind Fusion Coin XFC) intends to distribute its ‘banking system as a white label service for free-to exchanges around the world, enabling them to offer all the same services as Fusion Bank, and utilising its banking license’.

Japanese billionaire Kenji Manno – the man who first brought Ripple to Japan and founded Bitcoin Japan – will launch the new venture and outline the details at CC Forum in London next week.

Fusion Coin was in the headlines last week for the theft of 13.5 million Fusion Coins.

Crypto banking will help rehabilitate industry’s imageKenji Manno

Fusion Bank blends traditional finance with disruptive cryptocurrencies.

It will offer cryptocurrency trading (OTC and exchange), FX trading, loans secured with cryptocurrencies, and regular banking services for 25 different fiat currencies including issuing Mastercards and Visas.

Mr Manno, CEO, told Micky that bringing cryptocurrency into the traditional banking sector, will help rehabilitate its image.

“I think Fusion Bank will create a sensation for an obsolete current bank (sector),” he said.

“I believe that the status of cryptocurrency will rise as banks handle cryptocurrencies.”

“I would like to distribute this banking system for free to the exchanges around the world with the bank license attached.”

Work on the bank is almost complete, with the final touches to be finished in November.

Max Studennikov, co-founder of CC Forum in London, told the Trader Cobb podcast the launch was of major significance.

“Mr Manno, he’s a Japanese billionaire, he’s coming to London, he’s chosen us to launch his one billion crypto bank,” Studennikov said.

“You’ll certainly hear a lot of things about it.”

NOTE: An earlier version of this article confused Fusion Coin FSN, and Fusion Coin XFC. Apologies for the error. 

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