Japanese gamers ignore social distancing to queue for ‘Animal Crossing’ book

Hard-to-acquire 'Animal Crossing' Book

Japanese gamers are queuing up a store just to grab a strategy guide for Animal Crossing despite imposed social distancing measures meant to offset the jeopardy from the coronavirus.

In Japan, at least three books are produced for the game. All are aimed at giving readers pieces of information on how to play the game masterfully.

Simple But ‘Hard to Master’

That is rather ironic considering the seemingly simplistic design of the game. One that does not have a stiff learning curve and something players can do by simply playing.

The game is so easy to play, in fact, that it has a reputation of being ‘chill.’

As per Kotaku, each book has more than a thousand pages and is difficult to find.

Getting a hand on a guide is a conundrum as such that the Japanese are willing to risk their health for a copy.

In a photo shared by a Twitter user Mari Saito, it shows how the consumers are queueing up the Kinokuniya store in Shinjuku.

Despite wearing masks, the avid buyers appear too close to each other and are blatantly not paying regard to social distancing.

Kotaku estimated the lined up buyers to be at a hundred count.

You Can’t Master That Which You Don’t Know About

Despite its reputation as a ‘simple’ game, there are certain elements that remain a mystery among players. Even in Japan where the game originated and developed.

While it is not entirely disclosed why the books are hard to procure, one thing is certain. It is that the contents of each strategy book is so valued that the Japanese are willing to risk for it.

Yet, how this is a case, to begin with, is likely a trade secret between the developers and the bookmakers themselves. No one, not even the most avid of fans, can possibly hold so much secret to themselves. So much so, as to come up with a book no less than 1000 pages in depth.

Possibly, a Marketing Stunt

To the rest of the world, the idea of making a book for profit difficult to acquire may seem contradictory to interest.

However, it’s also probably a ‘hype’ gimmick. One that gives focus to boosting interest and demand. Similar to how manufacturers limit the production of a commodity to raise engagement and overall sales.

But, for whatever reason, the guides’ accessibility is indeed true as such that even buying the book online is impossible.

For us here outside of Japan, let’s just hope that the effort these consumers had put to getting the books is worth it.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/バカ杉プータロー

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