Japanese robots deployed for morale boost of COVID-19 patients

Japanese robots deployed for morale boost of COVID-19 patients

Japanese robots introduced to cheer up COVID-19 patients lodged at designated hotels— they also protect human hotel staff.

Scientists have created Japanese robots that can reportedly cheer up coronavirus patients. The Tokyo metropolitan government is making ways to ease the fear of their fellowmen amid the global pandemic.

In Japan, patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms are reportedly advised to stay in hotels. This helps the government and hospitals in accommodating people who less-likely will get worse conditions. 

Hotels welcome COVID-19 patients

On April 17, the government of Tokyo metropolitan decided to move coronavirus patients who show mild symptoms in selected hotels. The Japanese government made the move to relieve the pressure in hospitals who cater to highly affected COVID-19 patients.

It will also avoid further exposure to other coronavirus patients who are in a more critical condition.

However, checking in hotels and being far from their homes could get very lonely and depressing. According to Nasataka Tsuji, Tokyo metropolitan government’s spokesperson, quarantine life can be dispiriting for the patients.

To ease the patients’ loneliness and worry, they invented the robots to keep them company.

The robots are made to cheer patients up while they are in quarantine. They can make the patients’ hotel stay more comfortable than being alone. 

The cheerful robots

There are two robot staffers making their rounds in the five government-designated hotels where the patients stay.

Pepper, is a “semi-humanoid robot,” while Whiz is an “autonomous vacuum cleaner robot.”

The inventors programmed the robots to repeat the cheer “united in the fight against coronavirus,” and to constantly remind the patients to check their temperature regularly.

Accordingly, the company firm SoftBank Robotics invented the COVID-19 robot staffers. 

Tokyo cosmopolitan officials are thinking of assigning more robots in hotels in Tokyo to accommodate coronavirus patients. 

Hotels imply COVID-19 rules

To avoid contact with other people, the staff advises patients to stay in their rooms. The staff only allows patients to go down the lobby three times a day for their meals.

Tsuji also added in the statement that the lobby is a “red zone,” which means the area is at a high risk of infection as this is where patients go to pick up their daily meals.

The hotel staff is also keen on keeping social distancing rules and measures on the guests. Each hotel has 15-20 government officials, one doctor, and three nurses.

The staff must wear protective gears around the hotel as a protective measure.

Images courtesy of Mariamichelle, StockSnap/ Pixabay

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