Japanese RPG ‘Fate/EXTRA’ is being remade for current-gen consoles


Type-Moon Studio BB recently announced that a remake of the PlayStation Portable Japanese Role-Playing game Fate/EXTRA is in development for current systems.

To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the anime-inspired JRPG Fate/EXTRA, developer Type-Moon Studio BB revealed that a remake is currently in the works called Fate/EXTRA Record.

The upcoming title will be overhauled using the Unreal Engine, and will be released on “current generation platforms”, as stated on the game’s official website. Whether or not that includes ALL current-gen platforms remains to be seen.

Type-Moon Studios BB failed to provide a release date or window.

Bringing Fate/EXTRA into the new generation

The game’s director Kazuya Niinou broadcasted 9 minutes of gameplay footage showing Fate/EXTRA Record in action and dropped a lot more juicy details about the remake which has apparently been in development for half a year now.

According to Japanese gaming publication Gematsu, Niinou explained that this time around the game’s protagonist—Hakuno Kishinami—actually has voice overs and players will be able to choose the gender, or even turn it off completely.

Unlike the original, players will now be able to interact with most non-player characters, and Saber will run ahead of the protagonist when inside a dungeon.

The combat mechanics have also been completely revamped, with the addition of a deck-building-style system that will give players more control over battles, compared to the more luck-based engine of the PSP version.

To top it all off, the developers are throwing in new monsters into the mix to spice things up.

Kazuya Niinou talks about the studio’s ambitions with the remake

A Steam version of the title did come up, though the director was not able to confirm any platforms as of the moment. He did, however, mention that the studio’s goal is to reach as wide an audience as they can, hinting that a Steam release could be in the cards.

The Original Fate/EXTRA received a fairly smutty follow-up title called Fate/EXTRA CCC, which Niinou is also interested in remaking, but is a little hesitant about due to the nature of its content.

With Type-Moon Studio BB being a fairly new company, the studio wanted to make some significant changes to the original game. The concept behind Fate/EXTRA Record is to make it accessible to newbies to the franchise as a whole, while also developing a game that could tie-in nicely to a possible sequel.

Moreover, Niinou divulged that developing the remake was actually the main reason behind him leaving Square Enix, along with another big title that he plans to create.

But first things first, the director firmly believes that growing the fledgling studio’s name through Fate/EXTRA Record is the key to successful future projects.

Featured image courtesy of TYPE-MOON Studio BB/YouTube

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