Jason Derulo reveals he’s a big fan of Solana 

Every crypto enthusiast was thrilled and surprised when Solana surpassed Dogecoin in market capitalization, including American singer Jason Derulo.

The multi-talented singer revealed that he invested in Solana (SOL) last June because he believes that it holds a lot of potentials to perform well (which eventually came true). 

“I betted on Solana in June. Wow, what a ride! #crypto,” Derulo tweeted. 

While he is obviously happy with Solana’s rise, Derulo didn’t provide any specifics about the exact amount he invested in SOL. Also, he didn’t mention if he invested in other cryptocurrencies aside from SOL. But one thing is for sure, Solana’s recent rise has provided massive profits, giving him a windfall from his “bet” three months ago. 

Move over, Dogecoin

Last June, Solana traded between $25 and $41, but it had a meteoric rise last August. The rise in its value was so high that it was able to surpass Dogecoin in the global crypto race. 

Today, Solana has the bragging rights of being the 7th most valuable cryptocurrency on the globe, a recognition which was formerly held by the meme coin DOGE. 

Former hip-hop star Logic is also celebrating the cryptocurrencies’ rise, especially of Bitcoin. Logic purchased $6 million worth of BTC last October 2020, which enabled him to gain 250% profit with the rise of the cryptos’ value. 

Celebrities smitten by NFTs

Celebrities have different preferences when venturing into blockchain-powered assets. Some choose to invest in cryptos’, but it appears that most celebrities in various fields are attracted to NFTs. 

From sports clubs, musicians, Hollywood stars, and artists, they are all rolling out their own NFT collection to provide their fans with new and immersive offerings. 

Celebrities’ exposure to these digital assets also helps the NFT industry to expand more and spark more interest among the public. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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