Jeff Kaplan reveals why Classic Mode was abandoned for ‘Overwatch’

Comms wheel and experimental card next focus for Overwatch updates

The Overwatch community is not at all pleased with the current state of the game. Most of the fans are asking for the early days of the game, as they believed that those were better days.

Players of Overwatch will often see the community complain about the current state of the game. Most of the complaints are about the imbalance and the state of the meta. At its current build, the meta is all about diving as a group and survivability. This has been the meta for several years now.

Unlike the early stages of the game, matches now feel a lot more similar to each other. As per Jeff Kaplan, they planned on introducing a Classic Mode before, but the idea was scrapped entirely.

Classic Mode scrapped

Classic Mode would’ve taken players a trip down memory lane. More specifically, during the early days of the game, when the meta was different, and hero limited weren’t a thing.

According to Jeff Kaplan, doing so would’ve been an expensive feat as they’ll have to draw the assets from way back when. It’s a shame, though, as it would’ve been a game mode that players wouldn’t flock if it were released.

“It wasn’t as simple as returning things to their original values. There was a lot of art and UI changes that were not properly ‘versioned’ off but rather overwritten. We wanted to make it an arcade card, but eventually we abandoned the project,” Kaplan added.

Will they reconsider?

From the look of things, it’s unlikely that Blizzard will reconsider the mode for Overwatch. Players had anticipated that a Classic Mode would’ve been tested on the Experimental Card before, but now those rumors are more than shut down.

“One is focused on some balance changes; some Moira experiments we are unsure of and some minor toning down of Genji. The other is a ‘failed’ experiment that we figured might be fun for some to try,” said Jeff Kaplan recently. We still don’t know what the failed experiment might be for now.

It might be an entirely different mode that we’ve yet to see in the game.

Overwatch is continuously evolving, and it’s no surprise that not every player is pleased with the changes for the game. However, it’s apparent that Blizzard simply hopes to rebalance the game eventually. In time, the developers might strike the perfect tweaks to change the meta.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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