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Jeffree Star disturbing allegations surrounding YouTuber exposed


YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star is one of the most scandalous people on the entire platform.

Jeffree Star is loved for three things – his makeup empire, YouTube videos, and exposing people.

Thanks to his YouTube channel’s success and Jeffree Star Cosmetics, he launched his status as one of the highest earners in beauty vlogging.

According to Forbes, he was able to rake in $17 million in 2019 from YouTube alone.

But it wasn’t always easy for the 34-year-old.

Jeffree Star burst into the MySpace scene when the social media website was still at its peak. Back then, he was known as a “scene.” Star was a musician and appeared in Warped Tour concerts alongside the most significant bands at that time.

Star cultivated his online persona during his MySpace days. In his 20s, he was violent and shocking and had many racial outbursts and groping episodes.

But according to Insider, none of those episodes was an act.

Many former associates of Jeffree Star revealed that he was often engaged in violent and abusive behavior on multiple occasions in the 2000s. This included multiple harassment and violation claims.

Four people spoke to the outlet and explained that the beauty mogul used to grope men around without their consent.

Five people also told the outlet they saw Star using a stun-gun or a tasing device that hurt and intimidate people.

In 2009, Jeffree Star tased a homeless teen who didn’t return his affections. The teen stayed in Star’s apartment and was, reportedly, given medications until he was intoxicated and forcibly violated him without his consent.

A couple of people, including people on the internet, vouched for the teen’s account.

Star paid them to be quiet

But as per Insider, more than one witness changed their on-the-record stories after the singer paid some of the witnesses about $10,000 to do so.

The homeless teen in 2004  made his story to the StickyDrama website in August 2020. He was named Gage Arthur.

In his article, he repeated the same allegations he said previously.

A month after it went up, Jeffree Star’s attorney sent the website a cease-and-desist and denied Arthur’s claims.

Three weeks later, Arthur told Insider that he got a call from Star’s legal team. Five hours later, Arthur sent an email to Insider saying, “I may have misinterpreted things,” and is retracting their communications.

According to Insider, Star may have paid Arthur $10,000 to change his entire account.

Image courtesy of Jeffree Star/YouTube/Screenshot

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