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Jeffree Star slams controversies over new boyfriend André


Jeffree Star is dating the professional basketball player, André Marhold.

Jeffree Star and Nathan “Nate” Schwandt ended things for good after five years of dating. In January, the YouTube star confirmed the sad news but has since kept the details private. Months after the shocking news, though, the makeup mogul has seemingly returned to the dating scene.

Jeffree Star teased fans his “new beau”

Earlier this week, Jeffree Star took to Instagram a “steamy” photo of him and his new boyfriend. In it, he was “straddling” his then-unnamed “suitor,” whose “muscular” and “tattooed arms” are visible, according to Page Six.

The YouTube celebrity captioned the photo with a sweet noting. He said that he is “thankful for all the blessings” that God has given him this year. Amid the positivity, though, he reportedly turned off the comments of the post.

The post immediately went viral as fans and supporters tried to find clues to learn the identity of Star’s new boyfriend. However, no one seemingly found the name of the “mystery man” except for The Shade Room.

The popular Instagram account posted a set of clips and photos revealing the face of the YouTube icon’s new partner. The post also identified the mystery man as a professional basketball player who plays overseas.

About Star’s new boyfriend

Insider reported that the arm tattoos on the Jeffree Star’s post allowed some individuals to figure out who is the man behind the photo. As named, he is André Marhold, an American basketball star playing for the JobStairs GIESSEN 46ers in Germany.

Several publications have recently released a few details about the 30-year-old basketball player. He reportedly entered the 2013 NBA draft. However, he moved on to the international scene after teams from the NBA did not draft him.

Controversies surrounding their new relationship

Following the revelations about Jeffree Star and André Marhold’s relationship, various controversies have since emerged on social media. Two women, who are Marhold’s alleged ex-partners, came out and broke their silence.

One of the women reportedly took her side to Instagram and revealed how the relationship had affected her and her son with Marhold. Reports said, however, that the post is no longer visible on her feed.

The other woman posted several allegations on Twitter, including the X-rated videos of the basketball player inside Star’s home, as well as the insinuation that the celebrity is paying his new boyfriend to become his partner.

Jeffree Star responded to the allegations on Twitter. He clarified that he is not compensating André Marhold, according to Cheat Sheet. In a separate tweet, he seemingly shaded all of his critics. He said that these people should “worry” about paying their bills and not who he is dating.

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