Jeffree Star sparks backlash over new ‘Cremated’ makeup line

Fans and supporters continue to criticize Jeffree Star for his new make-up line, “Cremated.”

Jeffree Star has become one of the leading names in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Since the emergence of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics, he has already released various lines and products over the years.

Recently, he added a new make-up line in his product offerings. He “debuted” a surprising collection called “Cremated,” according to Cheat Sheet. However, the new release reportedly upset fans.

The story behind Cremated

Jeffree Star has hundreds of YouTube videos, which are part of the reason for his popularity and fame. For fans and subscribers, it has become common knowledge already how the celebrity did his make-up during his high school years.

It was all “gothic” and dark, based on his videos and photos. So, he reportedly created the Cremated collection to “resemble” the products that he has always wanted to have back then.

He has not unveiled the rest of the products on the new line yet. But, he has already released the eyeshadow palette of the new collection.

Jeffree Star deemed insensitive for using “cremated”

Over the weekend, Jeffree Star teased and released the Cremated eyeshadow palette. He unveiled the product through his social media accounts.

Several individuals have expressed their “upset” and disappointment over the new make-up collection. The majority of them deemed it, and Jeffree Star, “insensitive” and “offensive” in light of the pandemic crisis, as per E!.

But, the concerns are more reportedly centered on the name rather than the actual product itself. Nevertheless, there are still individuals who criticized the product for its features, specifically, the “shade range.”

As pointed out, some fans and followers “felt” the palette’s shades are “too bland.” Some people reportedly expected and hoped for variations of “super dark colors” and “jewel tones.” But, to their dismay, they seemingly sought the palette as just another “cool-toned palette.”

Despite the backlash, some of his avid supporters defended the celebrity. They reportedly explained that Jeffree Star started working on the Cremated collection since late 2019, months before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Star responded to the controversies

A day after the debut, Jeffree Star made a response on his Instagram stories amid the growing controversies over his Cremated collection. He said that he is “a little shook” but “never played it safe.”

He further went on to describe how his palette and collection are “more than” what the public perceives of it. “It is mine” and “I create it for the world,” Jeffree added. Although he explained that everyone is “allowed” to interpret the collection in the way they want, he said that he has always come “from a good place.

He continued to share that his own father was cremated, as well as his two dogs. He then claimed that nothing comes from a negative place in his life. So, if some people “take it that way,” then that is how they “articulate” things but, “not me,” Jeffree Star concluded.


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