Jennifer Aniston adoption rumors revisited amid actress’s alleged ‘Friends’ revelation

Jennifer Aniston adoption rumors revisited amid actress's alleged 'Friends' revelation

Jennifer Aniston has been rumored to be adopting a baby from Mexico for years.

This week, Closer Weekly alleged that Jennifer Aniston confirmed her adoption plans while filming for her upcoming Friends reunion. However, the actress’s rep immediately denied the tabloid’s claims.

Aniston doesn’t have any plans to adopt a baby from an orphanage in Mexico. But prior to the tabloid’s claims, other publications have also said a similar thing about the actress.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt adopted a baby last year

Exactly a year ago, Star claimed that Brad Pitt had been self-isolating at Aniston’s home while the actress is busy taking care of their adopted child.

New Idea also published a similar report by saying that Pitt always wanted to have a huge family. So, he decided to adopt a baby with Aniston.

A source claimed that Pitt’s six children are thrilled to learn that they now have another sibling.

Weeks later, Closer claimed that Aniston is the only one that adopted the baby. Pitt, on the other hand, was just there for moral support.

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor is, allegedly, thrilled to meet Aniston’s baby that’s why he offered to take care of the infant.

Brad Pitt gave Jennifer Aniston parenting advice 

Brad Pitt gave Jennifer Aniston parenting advice

And since Pitt raised six children with the help of Angelina Jolie, he also, allegedly, gave Aniston some parenting advice.

“Brad’s been talking through the bonding process, giving her advice on finding a routine and getting some balance in the early days, as well as suggesting books to read and the parenting experts to look out for,” the source said.

Courteney Cox helping her co-star

Days later, the same tabloid also claimed that Aniston was getting parenting advice from another friend and it’s no other than Courteney Cox.

“She’s determined to be there for her. She had planned to fully support Jen through the Friends reunion – which is why it’s upsetting her so much that it’s suddenly on the rocks,” the source said.

However, an entire year has passed and Jennifer Aniston still hasn’t introduced her adopted child to the world. This proves that the actress never adopted a baby after all.

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