Jennifer Aniston allegedly broke up a relationship like Angelina Jolie, Twitter claims

Jennifer Aniston allegedly broke up a relationship like Angelina Jolie, Twitter claims

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are often pitted against each other, but one Twitter user claimed they are just the same because they both break a relationship.

Jennifer Aniston was Brad Pitt’s first wife. The public thought they were perfect until they divorced because he allegedly fell in love with Angelina Jolie. The latter earned the wrath of the people accusing her of breaking Pitt and Aniston’s marriage. But Aniston was reportedly also on the same boat as Jolie when she met Justin Theroux.

Jennifer Aniston, just like Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reunited at the virtual table read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Shortly after their reunion, the exes made headlines with their fans couldn’t stop talking about them.

One netizen said she couldn’t understand the obsession with Aniston and Pitt as a couple. The pair have already divorced for 15 years, but many still want them together.

The tweet started a discussion about the exes and, eventually, Jolie. One said Aniston’s entire career was based on her being Pitt’s ex. For her, there is nothing interesting in the Friends alum except that the people were sorry for her and “she plays right into it,” @LadyCsay wrote.

Another user defended Aniston and said, The Morning Show star has moved on. She went into her second marriage with the “hot guy from the Leftovers,” the netizen said, referring to Justin Theroux. The Twitter user shared her cent about the thing between Jolie and Aniston.

“I just think a lot of women like Anniston and don’t like Jolie bc she gives off a ‘I’m not a girls girl vibe’. So it bothered people that Jolie kinda stole him from cute, friendly Jen,” @A_A_Lou commented.

Meanwhile, another user implied that Aniston and Jolie are just the same. If Jolie broke Pitt and Aniston’s relationship, the latter did the same with Theroux’s and his then-girlfriend.

“I find it funny you bring up Justin (I realize hotness is subjective but girl lol) who left his live in girlfriend of 14 years for Jen. They were together longer than Brad and Jen. That doesn’t seem very girls girl to me either,” Anna Marie Lastrassi with Twitter handle @jesusjugs2 wrote.

Jolie treated unfairly

Lastrassi also pointed out the different treatment Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston received for allegedly doing the same.

For her, Jolie was the only one who takes the heat for breaking up Aniston and Pitt’s marriage when Aniston did the same to Justin Theroux and his then-girlfriend.

Pitt and Aniston were married for about five years only. Meanwhile, Theroux and his then-girlfriend, Heidi Bivens, were together for 14 years.

Theroux’s romantic life before Aniston

Justin Theroux was with Heidi Bivens for 14 years. She allegedly warned Aniston that she couldn’t have Theroux for good because he is a “free spirit,” The Sun reported.

If Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fell while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux met in the movie Wanderlust. Aniston and Theroux filmed in 2010, and at the time, he was still with Bivens. 

In early 2011, there were rumors that Theroux and Aniston were an item. They have been spotted together at a series of parties. They confirmed their romance in September 2011.

After Aniston and Theroux confirmed their relationship, Bivens’ spokesperson released a statement saying she just moved out from her home with Theroux in the previous week and won’t comment about his new love life at the time, RadarOnline reported.

The announcement convinced many that he was still with Bivens while his romance with Aniston was blossoming.


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