Jennifer Aniston allegedly helped Matthew Perry deal with ‘birthday blues’

Jennifer Aniston has known Matthew Perry for years. After starring in Friends together, the two A-listers managed to maintain a close bond together with their other co-stars.

Throughout the past couple of months, there have been claims that Matthew Perry is struggling. Following his split from his girlfriend, Perry, allegedly, stopped taking care of himself.

The actor seemingly gained weight, and photos of him that were published by tabloids show him looking disheveled.

Matthew Perry celebrated his birthday this week

Since his birthday was on August 19, Life & Style claimed that Perry had what is known as “birthday blues.” And his former co-stars, Aniston and Courteney Cox, wanted to help him out.

“Celebrating his birthday is the last thing he’s felt like doing. It’s just a sad reminder that he’s getting older,” a source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox surprised Matthew Perry

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox surprised Matthew Perry

Still, Aniston and Cox, allegedly, wanted to make his birthday memorable so they planned a surprise Zoom party for the actor. However, Perry, allegedly, told his co-stars that he didn’t want to attend.

“Courteney refuses to give up, though. She knows Matt hasn’t been himself lately and still wants to do something special to cheer him up,” the source said.

As of late, it is unclear if Perry’s Zoom party took place on his birthday because he, Aniston, and Cox didn’t post any photos on social media.

Rumors about Aniston and Cox helping Perry out have been rife for months.

‘Friends’ co-stars helping each other out?

In July, Globe claimed that Aniston wants nothing more than to see Matthew Perry get well and healthy again.

“He hasn’t been well and he doesn’t look good. He’s gained a lot of weight, and he’s having a lot of health issues related to his gastrointestinal problem. It breaks her heart to see him suffer,” a source said.

Matthew Perry’s health struggles post-split

In June, National Enquirer claimed that Perry has ballooned to 287 pounds after his split. Since the actor is, allegedly, a chain smoker, his nails have, allegedly, been burned off.

“Matthew’s been in a downward spiral since getting the heave-ho from his talent agent honey, Molly Hurwitz – and he’s been trying to be left alone to eat away his sorrows,” the source said.

However, Matthew Perry has not commented on the rumors that he is struggling with his health and well-being. It is also unclear if Aniston and Cox are helping him out. As such, one should take all the claims made by the tabloids with a grain of salt.

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