Jennifer Aniston allegedly shared anti-Trump views on Instagram Story

Jennifer Aniston allegedly shared a post on her Instagram Story against President Donald Trump’s re-election.

Jennifer Aniston has been actively encouraging the people to get themselves involve in the upcoming election. She has made several posts calling the people to vote. However, she also allegedly made a bold statement by sharing an anti-Trump post her Instagram Story.

Jennifer Aniston allegedly shared an anti-Trump post

Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram back in October. She rarely posts on the site, but she has been outspoken when it comes to the upcoming election.

On Tuesday, she urged the voters to consider certain facts before exercising their rights to vote. After a day, she shared an ant-Trump post on her social media account, according to Geo.TV.

A snap of Aniston’s post was shared on the outlet. However, the post is no longer available on her account as it was reportedly only shared on her Instagram Story.

The post was a screenshot from an interview from Fox News Alert. “No one is safe in Donald Trump’s America,” the text on the screen read.

According to, Jennifer Aniston is not a supporter of Trump. It’s also not true that she started a company called “Celebrities for Trump.”

In the 2016 presidential election, Aniston supported Hillary Clinton for president. She also has a history of donating to Democratic parties even before Hillary ran for president. She donated $28,500 to help Barack Obama in 2008.

Twitter reacts to Aniston’s post

Jennifer Aniston’s post against President Donald Trump sparked mixed opinions from Twitter users. Some defended Trump, while others supported the Friends alum.

“Hey #jenniferaniston in response to your anti #Trump Instagram story. Your wrong here. #Trump2020,” one wrote on Twitter.

“Jennifer Aniston continues to target Donald Trump OoooooNoooooo I just quit Team Jen. I think I understand why football fans have separation anxiety when they boycott football Damn girl! My girl-crush is over. Bye girl,” another added.

“jennifer aniston is a literal angel like???? she’s NOT a trump supporter, she’s not racist, not homophobic, not transphobic, not fatphobic, and she literally has the purest heart . who the [explicit] can hate that woman,” one tweeted.

Aniston has been encouraging people to vote

Evening Express has followed Brad Pitt’s ex-wife’s effort in the upcoming election. In November, she reunited with her Friends co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow and encouraged the people to register to vote.

Cox shared a video of them whispering at each other on Instagram. The caption encourages the people to tag their friends and remind them to check their registration.

Aniston also shared on her story a text that read, “Friends don’t let friends skip elections.”

In another post on her Story, Aniston shared a snap of her character Rachel Green covering her mouth. She looked surprised in the snap that was accompanied by a text that read, “When you realize there are only 100 days until election day.”


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