Jennifer Aniston allegedly spying on Justin Theroux ’s dating activities!


Jennifer Aniston is, reportedly, spying on her ex-husband Justin Theroux. The 51-year-old actress is said to be tailing him due to jealousy. 

An article titled Jealous Jen Spies on Lady Killer Justin! was published on the National Enquirer this week. It claimed that the former couple is playing “cat-and-mouse games,” and Jennifer Aniston is doing everything to gather information about his dating life.  

“Justin has been dating a lot of women, and Jen has been trying to find out what she can about ALL of them!” the source told the magazine. 

Jen is on the move to make Justin jealous

It was also suggested that the Friends star was only using her other ex-husband, Brad Pitt, to make Justin jealous. She has been rumored to have gotten closer to Brad, but it turned out, it’s just for a show. 

“Jen was enjoying it because she figured it was making Justin squirm seeing her with her ex-husband,” the tipster said. “However, it died out pretty quickly, and it damaged her ego.”

The report insisted that Jeniffer Aniston and Brad was not able to rekindle their relationship because the former is still eyeing Justin. 

Finding the truth – Did Jennifer Aniston spied and tried to make her ex jealous? 

This story seems to be a made-up story, so a fact-checking media outlet investigated the issue to find out the truth.

Gossip Cop stated that it has already debunked the news that Brad and Jen are in a romantic relationship again. 

The publication clarified that the pair never dated or romantically involved since their divorced in 2005. Although there have been several occasions when they have met in events and parties, they are just on friendly terms. 

The two even greeted each other at the Screen Actors Guild awards, but that was all there is for them. Jennifer Aniston is also friends with Justin since they amicably parted ways in 2018. 

Finally, to be certain that it has gathered the correct information, Gossip Cop directly contacted the actress’s spokesperson to clear up the rumors.

The outlet was told that the Enquirer’s report about Jennifer Aniston spying on Justin Theroux is false. 

They also said that the article is a plain ridiculous, and mere invention for the magazine to sell. Lastly, Aniston’s rep stated that there is no truth in the claims that she has been trying to make her ex-husband jealous. 

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