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Jennifer Aniston allegedly wanted to start a Bollywood career


Jennifer Aniston, reportedly, wanted to show off her talent in singing and dancing and star in a Bollywood-style movie.

Jennifer Aniston is a good actress and there is nothing she can do in front of the camera. However, a tabloid claimed that she wanted to start a career in Bollywood, too.

Jennifer Aniston wants a Bollywood-style film

Globe claimed that Jennifer Aniston wants to show off her talent in singing and dancing. Thus, she wishes to star in a Bollywood-style film with big musical numbers.

Jen’s put the word out she wants to rock a fun-filled, stylized Bollywood-type rom-com that’ll knock people’s socks off,” the source said.

Jen, no doubt, will be on high alert to choose a superscript,” the dubious source added.

Aniston wants a Bollywood career debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the claims that Jennifer Aniston wanted to star in a Bollywood film. The rumor-debunking site cited several reasons why the story was bogus.

First, the Murder Mystery actress has no plans to pursue a career in Bollywood.

Second, it’s been a year since the story was published and the actress never made any move or expressed interest in it.

Third, Aniston’s rep addressed the claim and told Gossip Cop that it was not true.

Aniston’s singing and dancing skills

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t sing and dances as often as she acts in front of the camera. However, she has already shown the world that she is capable of singing and dancing.

Aniston danced in her film We’re the Millers. Many were surprised when she did a sexy dance and grooved like a pro. Aniston played the role of a run-away stripper in the movie and she did well.

Brad Pitt’s ex-wife also showed off her talent in singing on Apple TV+ The Morning Show. She had a duet with Billy Crudup and they belted out Stephen Sondheim classic Not While I’m Around from the musical Sweeney Todd.

The Cake star undoubtedly has talent in singing and dancing.

Aniston’s confession about Pitt and Jolie

In related news, Jennifer Aniston made a shocking confession about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

According to her, she only met Jolie once before the latter and Pitt filmed Mr. & Mrs. Smith. During their encounter, she pulled over and introduced herself.

She told the Maleficent star that her then-husband, Pitt, was excited to work with her. And she hoped they would have a great time.

Unfortunately, when Pitt started filming with Jolie, he immediately became emotionally unavailable for her.

“He just wasn’t there for me,” Aniston said.

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