Jennifer Aniston blames media for obsession about marriage with Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston thinks that the media is to blame for the excessive obsession about her marriage with Brad Pitt.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt married in 2000. The world believed that they were perfect for each other. She was America’s Sweetheart while he was the Sexiest Man Alive. However, their marriage only lasted for five years. They separated in 2005, but 15 years later, the people are still not over them.

Jennifer Aniston speaks about marriage with Brad Pitt and the media

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the host asked Jennifer Aniston about her thoughts of the people being obsessed about her marriage and divorce with Brad Pitt.

“People were obsessed about your marriage and then the divorce (with Brad Pitt). I think it’s because you guys represented the picture on the wedding cake,” Winfrey said per Koimoi.

“And so, if this doesn’t work out, then you’re thinking, ‘Oh Lord, I’m in trouble.’ I think it’s that kind of association. What do you think it is?”

In her response, Aniston blamed the media. According to her, the hype was created by the press.

“It is that, and it is created so totally by the media. Because all you see is the red carpet, and you don’t see people in their lives, living their lives, doing the things that people do,” Aniston said.

“It’s not real. It’s just not real. You’re human beings having a human experience and there’s nothing different except that you’re exposed to the world as a public person. But your personal life, your personal feelings, your heart, your success, your pain, your everything, is the same as anybody else’s.”


Aniston wants the people to move on from her and Pitt

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt went on with their second marriages after their split. Aniston married Justin Theroux in 2015. Meanwhile, Pitt tied the knot with Jolie in 2014.

However, both of their second marriages did not work. When both became single, the people were hoping that they would reconcile. Rumors about Pitt and Aniston dating and seeing each other started to make headlines again.

Pitt and Aniston remain good friends, but they were very careful not to be photographed together until earlier this year. In January, they made a sweet reunion at the SAG Awards.

One photo of the duo featured Aniston placing a hand on Pitt’s chest. In another shot, Pitt is holding her hand as she takes a step away from him. They were also smiling as they stared at each other.

One insider even claimed that their public reunion didn’t sit well with Angelina Jolie. The Maleficent star allegedly felt disrespected.

Pitt and Aniston’s reps both denied the rumors that they were dating. According to their representatives, the two are just friends and are not back together.

Aniston also urged fans to move on.

“Come on, people, turn a page,” she said.

Image used courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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