Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt planning Mexico vacation sans Nicole Poturalski rumor debunked

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt open to the idea of getting back together 

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are, allegedly, planning a trip to Mexico sans the actor’s girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski.

Heat published a dubious story this week saying that Mexico has always been a go-to place for Jennifer Aniston and Pitt.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt traveling to Mexico with their friends

Even though the A-listers have been divorced for over a decade, they have, reportedly, stayed friends. As such, there’s no awkwardness between the two if they decide to travel or go on vacation together.

“Brad and Jen never lost touch over the last few months. They just dialed down the intensity and kept things low-key because it took the pressure off,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt open to the idea of getting back together

Pitt and Aniston are, reportedly, just friends today. However, they haven’t, allegedly, ruled out the possibility that they could get back together one day.

“But these days they’re just enjoying being good friends and want to take their time before committing to anything. Jen has a few favorite spots in Cabo, where she and her guests are treated like royalty. Brad knows her friends who will be coming, like Courteney Cox, Jason Bateman, and his wife Amanda, and Jen’s manager, Aleen Keshishian and he always had a blast with them, so they’re both excited,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt open to the idea of getting back together 

Rumors debunked

However, there was no mention of Pitt’s girlfriend, which suggests that she wasn’t invited to the trip.

But the fact of the matter is, Jennifer Aniston and Pitt didn’t organize a trip to Mexico with their friends.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s court battle continues

Still, the tabloid insisted that the trip would push through one way or another. And it would, allegedly, be the perfect opportunity for Pitt to destress from his ongoing custody battle with Jolie.

“Brad’s having a hard time with Angie right now. He feels trying to get the judge removed was a low blow. In the past, he might have avoided rubbing his friendship with Jen in her face, but he’s well aware of what the rumor mill is saying, so why not embrace it?” the source said.

However, there’s evidently nothing to embrace between Pitt and Aniston because they are not together. While it is true that they are still friends, there’s no reason for them to go on a vacation together.

Pitt just traveled to France with Poturalski. And this must have been a wonderful breather for him amid his ongoing court battle against Jolie. As for Jennifer Aniston, she’s still single.

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