Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt secretly welcome twins via surrogate: ‘Another phony story’

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt secretly welcome twins via surrogate: 'Another phony story'

Some people haven’t given up hope on the exes rekindling their romance.

However, it’s been 15 years since Jennifer Aniston and Pitt called it quits. It’s unlikely for them to get back together one day.

Still, this never stopped the tabloids from speculating about Aniston and Pitt’s lives. And some of them have published dubious claims about the A-listers having a baby together.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt welcomed a baby via surrogacy?

New Idea previously claimed Aniston and Pitt secretly welcomed their first child via a surrogate. Back then, the tabloid also claimed that Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate, Michelle Ross, welcomed a set of twins.

Though Aniston and Ross didn’t have any connection with each other, the tabloid still insisted that Friends star hired the surrogate. As such, when Ross gave birth, they concocted the storyline that they were Aniston and Pitt’s babies.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt welcomed a baby via surrogacy?

Rumors debunked

However, Gossip Cop debunked the claims then, and they are debunking them now. They said that the Aniston and Pitt baby rumors are just another phony story.

Unfortunately, New Idea never stopped from convincing their readers that Aniston and Pitt have a baby or are thinking of having a baby together.

Is Jennifer Aniston open to adopting a baby?

However, the tabloid isn’t the only one that’s been claiming that Jennifer Aniston and Pitt are trying to have a baby. Now to Love previously said that since the actress is already in her 50s, she decided to go for adoption.

“They’ve been talking about trying for one of their own, but the more realistic option has always been an adoption. They’ve been talking about adopting a little girl. Starting a family of their own was always a dream of theirs that was never realized until now. They can’t wait to finally bring a baby – their baby – home,” the source said.

Brad, Jennifer’s IVF baby

National Enquirer also claimed that Aniston was keen on having Pitt’s baby via IVF. A source told the tabloid that Aniston froze her eggs while she was still married to Pitt. But if this was true, Aniston and Pitt would’ve already talked about it.

The couple was married for five years before they divorced. But they never said anything about freezing Aniston’s eggs. This is because the tabloid’s claims are false.

Jennifer Aniston and Pitt are nothing more than friends. And Gossip Cop thinks it’s time for the tabloids to give the baby storyline a rest.

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