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Jennifer Aniston ‘can’t wait to get back to work’ with Reese Witherspoon


Jennifer Aniston is excited to film the second season of The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon worked together on the comedy sitcom Friends. They played as sisters Rachel and Jill Green in the hit NBC show. They are reuniting again on Apple TV +’s The Morning Show.

The American drama web TV series has received good reviews from the audience and was renewed for a second season. At present, Aniston is already eager to get back to work and film with Witherspoon.

Jennifer Aniston can’t wait to get back to work

Jennifer Aniston shared a photo from their hit web series The Morning Show on her Instagram Story. She tagged the film and her co-star Reese Witherspoon in her post.

“can’t wait to get back to work,” Aniston wrote in the caption.

Aniston’s post happened days after Witherspoon cheered her up after she lost the pool game against Courteney Cox. It was a friendly game, but in the hilarious video that both shared, Aniston was missing shot after shot. In contrast, Cox shot the balls easily and seemed to have an easy win.

It came to a point when Aniston swore and flipped off during the game. Many found the video funny and several left laughing emoji on Aniston’s post when she shared the clip. However, Witherspoon chose to drop encouraging words for Aniston.

“Let’s get back to work… Where you make all the shots happen !” Witherspoon commented.

Jennifer and Reese’s rumored feud

There are rumors that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon were feuding.

One outlet claimed that they were feuding over Brad Pitt, which was very unlikely.

Also, other outlets alleged that they were competitive in The Morning Show set.

“Working together so closely has been difficult,” the source alleged.

“They signed on for this thinking it would be a dream job. They’ve always had so much in common and had a blast working together in the past on ‘Friends.’ But the problem is that professionally, they’re too much alike.”

Meanwhile, others claimed that Witherspoon was seething that Aniston scored an Emmy nomination for The Morning Show, but she didn’t. The Legally Blonde star was allegedly expecting a nomination, too.

Many were surprised that Witherspoon was snubbed at the Emmys 2020. However, it was very unlikely that she would hold a grudge against Aniston just because the latter scored a nomination.

Rumor debunked

The claims that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are feuding are not true. Aniston just showed her excitement to work with Witherspoon again. The Little Big Lies star also showed the same enthusiasm in her comment on Aniston’s Instagram post.

Moreover, both said that they wanted to work with each other again after Friends.

“I’m excited, ’cause I get to work with Jen every day for a long time,” Witherspoon told Extra.

“She [Aniston] was a big part of why I ended up doing it and we both were really part of getting the project going from the beginning.”

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