Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox panicking over Matthew Perry’s addiction?

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox panicking over Matthew Perry's addiction?

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are, allegedly, worried about their friend, Matthew Perry spiraling out of control.

According to Life & Style, Jennifer Aniston and Cox are worried that history could repeat itself with their Friends co-star. And since they’ve seen Perry spiral out of control before, they want to make sure that it won’t happen again. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

“No one has found being in lockdown easy, including Matt. Add to that his recent breakup and he’s got a lot on his mind. [They] can’t help but worry about Matt. When he’s in a dark place, he cuts himself off from the rest of the world. So they’ve been frantically calling, checking in to see how he’s doing, anything to make Matt feel less alone right now,” the source said, as per Life & Style.

Matthew Perry allegedly struggling with his addiction again

Star also published a similar story about Perry. The tabloid claimed that the actor has been in a major funk in recent months.

“His self-esteem has taken a major nosedive since Molly dumped him and he’s piled on the pounds through a combination of terrible diet choices and no exercise,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox worried about Matthew Perry

The insider also claimed that Aniston and Cox are worried sick about Perry’s health. But the actor also, allegedly, wants to get better that’s why he’s surrounding himself with a sober support team at his beach house in Malibu.

“He’s very close to these people, they’re his friends. They’re committed to sticking by his side. He’s determined to get back and get back on track – however long it takes,” the source said.

The actor opens up about his addiction

The actor opens up about his addiction

Perry has been open about his past addictions. And the actor has also been using his Twitter account to give his fans an update about his condition.

In February 2019, Perry tweeted that he’s back in therapy where he belongs.

Seven years ago, Perry told E! News revealed that he got addicted to Vicodin while treating his injuries following a jet ski accident.

“I felt better than I ever felt in my entire life. I had a big problem with pills and alcohol, and I couldn’t stop,” he said.

The actor also denied the claims that he would get high while on the set of his shows.

“I was never high at work. I was painfully hungover. Then eventually things got so bad I couldn’t hide it and everybody knew,” he said.

And while Jennifer Aniston and Cox are most likely concerned about Perry, it is unclear if he’s struggling with his addictions today.

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