Jennifer Aniston dating a rich, non-showbiz mystery man: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston dating a rich, non-showbiz mystery man: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston is, allegedly, back in the dating scene.

According to Life & Style, Jennifer Aniston is having a blast and refusing to put all her eggs in one basket.

A source said that she’s not only dating Brad Pitt again; she’s also entertaining a mystery man that’s not from the same industry.

“He has money and is well-known in his industry but avoids the Hollywood scene. They enjoy quiet nights and spontaneous road trips. After being single for so long, Jen has two men fighting for her affection – with a whole bunch of others waiting in the wings to wine and dine her,” the source said.

Are Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt hanging out again?

Are Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt hanging out again?

As for Pitt, the tabloid claimed that he and Aniston have been hanging out regularly at the actress’s home.

“They’re hanging out again. He’s also been going to her house on weekends,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston dating two men

However, the insider also claimed that Aniston isn’t in any rush to choose between Pitt and her mystery man. After all, she just wants to have fun.

“Jen is telling friends that she just wants to have fun and play the field. She’s loving all of the male attention. They’re getting along better than ever. He’s more open about his emotions since divorcing Angelina Jolie, which is definitely a positive in Jen’s book,” the source said.

Life & Style isn’t the only tabloid that is linking Jennifer Aniston to Pitt all over again.

Brad Pitt flirting with his ex-wife

Star also claimed that the exes have been sending flirty texts to each other.

“Everyone could see sparks flying when they were filming. And it made Jen and Brad realize how attracted they still are to one another. Brad said it would be great to hang out and Jen invited him over for a cozy dinner and it just took off from there,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Aniston and Pitt have been hanging out at least two to three times a week.

Unfortunately, there were unable to provide concrete proof that this is really the case. For now, Jennifer Aniston and Pitt are nothing more than friends.

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