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Jennifer Aniston dating multiple men at once rumor debunked


Jennifer Aniston is single after her split from Justin Theroux and there are various speculations about her dating life.

Jennifer Aniston has been romantically linked to her ex-husband Brad Pitt who just flaunted his much younger girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski. Aside from Pitt, one outlet claimed she was dating multiple men at once rumor. Aniston was also linked to Gerard Butler and more.

Jennifer Aniston allegedly dating multiple men at once

Star published a report claiming that Jennifer Aniston had slowed down with her professional career to tend on her dating life. The outlet also alleged that the Murder Mystery star is seeing several men at once.

Among the men Aniston is allegedly seeing is Gerard Butler. The magazine also claimed that the actress is seeing a teacher, chef, professional athlete and a handsome billionaire mogul.

The tabloid quoted an anonymous tipster who claimed that Aniston got into the dating scheme to avoid being branded as “poor lonely Jen.” The dubious insider added that Aniston would keep on dating until she gets bored.

Jennifer denied the dating rumors

Jennifer Aniston’s spokesperson denied the report linking her to multiple men. The actress’ spokesperson told Gossip Cop that the article was hogwash.

The rumor-debunking site also said that the outlet published the report without caring if it was true or not. Gossip Cop also described the various dates “comical.”

It was questionable because it linked various men to Jennifer Aniston, including a tech mogul and a sexy yoga teacher. However, it failed to disclose their names or more details about them. Gossip Cop said it was just a “list of conventionally attractive occupation with no rhyme.”

Also, Aniston doesn’t have to date to avoid being called “poor lonely Jen” because no one called her that way.

Moreover, with Star’s reputation for publishing articles based on the statements of its undependable sources, this could be another groundless claim waiting to be debunked. So,  Aniston’s fans should take these hearsays lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Aniston and Brad Pitt reunion happening

In related news, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are reuniting and this time; it is happening for real. In fact, a photo of the exes made the rounds online a few days ago when the cast of Fast Times at Ridgemont High met ahead of the event.

The live virtual table read is happening on Thursday and it will air on Facebook and TikTok. The event was set last month to celebrate Fast Times’ 38th anniversary. However, it was pushed back due to technical problems.

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