Jennifer Aniston desperate to find a guy but doesn’t want to use dating apps: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston desperate to find a guy but doesn't want to use dating apps: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston is, allegedly, desperate to date someone, but she doesn’t want to rely on modern technology to make this happen.

According to National Enquirer, Jennifer Aniston prefers old-fashioned methods when it comes to dating.

“Jen is desperate to find a new guy, but she’s doing herself no favors at all because she refuses to embrace modern technology. Everybody in her circle knows how uncomfortable Jen is being single and everybody wants the brownie points that come from setting her up with just the right guy. But Jen refuses out of the principle of dating apps, no matter how exclusive,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston prefers old-school methods when finding love 

Jennifer Aniston prefers old-school methods when finding love

But Aniston’s friends are, allegedly, encouraging her to change her methods because she has not been successful when it comes to finding love.

“Jen has a screening process straight out of 2005, for better or worse. She Googles guys and will spend hours on search engines until she can find a flaw, looking at real estate records, news articles, and photos from events. Her research consists of whatever she can get her hands on without actually going into social media and getting her hands dirty,” the source said.

Is Jennifer Aniston lonely?

However, the insider also claimed that Aniston’s nitpicking and obsession with Googling her prospective partners are what leaves her feeling lonely.

“Nobody’s reputation or good name can really withstand Jen parked at her computer for a couple of hours!” the source said.

The actress is single and happy

But the claims made by the tabloid are very different from what Jennifer Aniston said when she spoke with Howard Stern recently.

The Friends star said that she’s happy to be single. And she’s not also interested in dating right now because she’s very busy.

When Stern offered to introduce Aniston to some guys, The Morning Show star refused as well.

She told The Howard Stern Show host that she hates being set up with guys.

Aniston has been single since her divorce from Justin Theroux in 2018. And she was linked to a slew of men but the rumors just died down naturally.

In fact, she was also linked to Pitt recently. But Jennifer Aniston and Pitt are just friends.

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