Jennifer Aniston discussing her adoption plans with David Schwimmer: Rumor


Jennifer Aniston is, allegedly, discussing her adoption plans with her good friend, David Schwimmer.

According to Closer UK, Aniston recently opened up to her Friends co-star about wanting to adopt a baby. And to her surprise, David Schwimmer has been nothing but supportive.

A source claimed that Aniston and Schwimmer started discussing the former’s adoption plans while they were on vacation. But the insider also said that the co-stars couldn’t help but discuss the possibility of having a future together.

David Schwimmer willing to become a father figure for Jennifer Aniston’s adopted child

With this, they insinuated that Schwimmer is not only supportive of Aniston’s plans to adopt, but he’s also open to the idea of becoming the baby’s adoptive father.

“David had always wanted to expand his family, and while he didn’t expect to become a father figure again, he’s assured Jen that he’ll be there to support her every step of the way. They are keen to keep the spark alive and are excited to see how things progress,” the source said.

Brad Pitt is helping Jennifer Aniston with the adoption process

The insider also claimed that Aniston is getting advice from her ex-husband, Brad Pitt with regards to her adoption plans.

“Brad’s also been helping to guide and advise her as much as possible, which David has encouraged, as he has first-hand knowledge of how it all works. David being so understanding of that relationship, too, has made her feel even closer to him,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston not adopting a baby or dating David Schwimmer

However, none of the tabloid’s claims are correct.

First, Aniston has no plans to adopt a baby. This is an old storyline that has been circulating for years. If The Morning Show actress wanted to adopt a baby, she would’ve already done so a long time ago.

The rumors about Aniston and Schwimmer trying to see if they could be a real-life couple aren’t true either. The co-stars are nothing more than friends.

Schwimmer and Aniston played the role of an on-again-off-again couple in Friends for years. And they recently reprised their characters in the reunion special.

Around the same time, the rumors that they are an item started circulating again.

However, it’s obvious that these rumors about David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston dating only exist because of their show.

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