Jennifer Aniston dislikes her thin lips, in dire need of surgery: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston dislikes her thin lips, in dire need of surgery: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston allegedly dislikes having thin lips. That’s why she regularly gets cosmetic surgery.

According to National Enquirer, Jennifer Aniston knows that her lips are one of her most attractive qualities. As such, she always wants to make it a point that they’re plump.

“Jen’s always hated her thin lips and considered them her least attractive quality and still does,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston insecure about her lips

As such, the actress has, allegedly, been adding a cosmetic filler to her so-called lizard lips so that it could help improve her pout.

“But she still thinks they’re too thin and weak and take away from the rest of her pretty face. She’s not happy with her smile and is considering going the whole hog for the full-on trout pout,” the source said.

Did Jennifer Aniston get a lip-enhancement procedure? 

Did Jennifer Aniston get a lip-enhancement procedure?

The tabloid then quoted a certain surgeon, who warned Aniston about her lip procedures. Dr. Dave E. David claimed that getting too much lip service could be the kiss of death for the Friends star.

“She looked to have had a very subtle lower lip enhancement. But she really should have a little bit more in the upper lip and get it a more defined Cupid’s bow,” the source said.

Dr. Anthony Youn, on the other hand, said that Aniston’s lips already look good as they are.

“Over-plumped lips would do nothing for her,” the source said.

More rumors about the actress’s appearance

This isn’t the first time that Jennifer Aniston was rumored to be getting cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance.

Last year, Globe alleged that the actress has always been insecure about her lips.

“She prided herself on growing old gracefully and getting just the right amount of surgery here and there, but it’s starting to look a little obvious now. Jen feels she has to fill up in the lip area every few weeks to perfect her pout and add more definition – but she’s lost the cute cupid’s bow that used to be there,” the source said.

However, if Jennifer Aniston is insecure about her lips, she would’ve been the one to say it and not a tabloid.

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