Jennifer Aniston Emmy episode submission revealed

Jennifer Aniston Emmy episode nomination revealed

Jennifer Aniston scored an Emmy nomination this year, and her submission for the Best Drama Actress category has been revealed.

Jennifer Aniston is not new to the Emmy Awards because she has been nominated several times in the past years. However, she is nominated in the drama category for the first time due to her performance in The Morning Show. Her past nominations were all in the comedy category.

Jennifer Aniston’s Emmy submission revealed

Jennifer Aniston impressed many with her performance in The Morning Show that she scored an Emmy nomination for it. Aniston was also nominated for the said role at the SAG Awards and Golden Globes.

Aniston won the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series at the SAG Awards in January. She might get another recognition at the Emmys.

Golden Derby has learned that Aniston’s submission at the Emmys was 2020 was the episode In the Dark Night of the Soul It’s Always 3:30 in the Morning.


What was the episode all about

It was the pilot episode of the first season when it streamed on the Apple TV+. In the episode, Aniston’s character, Alex, is in crisis mode after her co-anchor Mitch (Steve Carell) is fired due to sexual assault allegations. Mitch and Alex have been parters on The Morning Show for 15 years.

When the show airs just hours after the news about Mich broke, Alex is alone, and she gives an emotional speech. She says she is shocked after learning the sexual allegations against her co-anchor. She also notes that her sympathy is with the victims, and she’s glad she lives in a world where actions have consequences.

However, off the air, Alex was furious at the network for not informing her ahead before they made the decision. She then visits Mitch at his home to confront him face to face about the issue in the middle of the night to avoid the press.

Mitch denies the allegations, and Alex is very frustrated because she works her whole life for the show. With Mitch’s scandal, she could also lose her career. Things get worse when Mitch tells Alex that the network is also plotting to fire her.

Aniston deserves an Emmy award

Those who have watched The Morning Show all agree that Aniston deserves to win the Emmys. When Vulture wrote about the episode recap, it mentioned Aniston getting an award for her performance.

“Guys, if Aniston doesn’t win awards for this scene alone there might be riots,” Maggie Fremont wrote back in November 2019.

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