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Jennifer Aniston encouraging Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow to star in ‘Friends’ the movie: Rumor


Jennifer Aniston, allegedly, wants to keep working with her Friends co-star.

According to Closer UK, Jennifer Aniston has been thinking of ways how she could team up with Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and their male cast members again.

Jennifer Aniston pitching ‘Friends’ movie idea

Months ago, it was announced that the Friends cast will be participating in a reunion episode. But a source told the tabloid that Aniston wants to take the hit show to the big screen.

“With all the stopping and starting surrounding the reunion, which was originally due to be filmed in May, it’s made them all realize how much they’re desperate to work together again. Jen in particular has suggested they look back into the idea of them doing a movie version of the show and everyone is on board. The pandemic has made them appreciate how special their connection is and how they can bring joy to the public and cheer everyone up,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston regularly talks to her ‘Friends’ co-stars

The insider also claimed to know what happens between Aniston and her co-stars behind closed doors. They claimed that they have all been messaging with each other, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

“They’ve spent many years apart in different parts of the world, working on their individual careers, but now the gang is feeling like a family again. The cast has all been messaging each other constantly since lockdown. They’re determined not to let the excitement die down because of all the production delays. And their friendship has helped them all through these tough times,” the source said.

Even though a Friends movie sounds exciting, the tabloid’s claims are just based on hearsay. Jennifer Aniston isn’t encouraging her co-stars to take the show to the big screen. After all, the cast is still gearing up for their upcoming reunion.

‘Friends’ reunion postponed

Last summer, Variety revealed that the production for the Friends reunion is on hold due to COVID-19. The special was supposed to be filmed in March and released in May.

According to reports, the Friends reunion is going to be unscripted. And it will also be held in front of a live audience.

Shortly after the announcement, the cast of Friends uploaded the same photo on their social media accounts to express their excitement over their upcoming reunion.

As of late, there is still no word as to when the entire cast of Friends will reunite. But Jennifer Aniston has already been hanging out with her female co-stars at her and Cox’s house.

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