Jennifer Aniston explains why ‘The Morning Show’ was like ’20 years of therapy’

Jennifer Aniston recently talked about the successful Apple TV+ show, The Morning Show.

While speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Jennifer Aniston said that the project was like 20 years of therapy wrapped into 10 episodes.

“That show was 20 years of therapy wrapped into 10 episodes. There were times when I would read a scene and feel like a whole manhole cover was taken off my back,” she said.

Jennifer Aniston talks candidly about ‘The Morning Show’

“[It was] cathartic, yes, and also interesting for me to look at how I always have tried to normalize being fine and ‘everything’s great, you know, this is all normal,’ and then there are moments when you have your private breakdown or your ‘Calgon, take me away’ moments. To actually look at it from an actor’s brain observing it and acknowledging it, I had to look at it as opposed to pretending it doesn’t exist,” she added.

Aniston plays the role of a co-anchor of the titular breakfast news shows. The Friends star said that there were times wherein she was able to relate to her character. The actress even earned an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Alex Levy.

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t like going to red carpet events

Luckily for Jennifer Aniston, she doesn’t need to make a public appearance on the red carpet. After all, the Emmys will take place virtually.

Aniston said that there were times when she didn’t want to attend red carpet events for fear of being judged.

“There have been moments — not to that level of hysteria — but moments of ‘I don’t want to [expletive go here.’ ‘I don’t want to walk out onto the carpet.’ ‘I don’t want to be seen.’ ‘I don’t want to be looked at and everyone’s going to be talking about me and judging me.’ That’s real. I just loved being able to walk into it and lean into it and not be ashamed of it, but actually just… it was like… Ooooooooooh,” she said.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer reuniting for a table read

Brad Pitt, Jennifer reuniting for a table read

Rumors are suggesting that Aniston could watch next month’s Emmys at home with Pitt. But before this is even confirmed, reports revealed that the exes would reunite for another project.

Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will take part in a Fast Times at Ridgemont High table read together with other celebrities. The table read will take place on August 21.

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