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Jennifer Aniston feels excited, Brad Pitt thinks it’s therapeutic when they reunite, source says


Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have, reportedly, reunited a couple of times since their divorce in 2005.

Before their highly-publicized reunion at the SAG Awards earlier this year, Jennifer Aniston and Pitt reunited at the actress’s 50th birthday party. There are also rumors that the exes hung out during one holiday together with their common friends.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt’s thoughts about their reunion revealed?

According to Hollywood Life, Aniston and Pitt feel all sorts of positive feelings whenever they reunite for personal or professional reasons.

This week, their table read for Fast Times at Ridgemont High finally pushed through. A source told the magazine that Aniston couldn’t be happier to have Pitt onboard the project.

“Jen’s ecstatic about the whole project, the cast is epic and it’s such a classic movie, she’s really looking forward to it. Similarly, Brad has no apprehension to work with Jen on Fast Times because it is going to be really fun. Plus, he is friends with Jen and it is being done to help others,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt SAG Awards reunion

Earlier this year, Pitt and Aniston made headlines after photos of them hugging and holding hands were published. A source told Hollywood Life that Pitt finally got his ex-wife’s attention at the awards show.

“They briefly hugged and exchanged pleasantries. The picture shows his hand on her when he gently pulled her back to say congratulations. The whole moment that lasted about a half a minute or a minute was spearheaded all by Brad, he was the person who wanted it to happen. They both left with a smile. It was a really nice moment,” the source said.

Brad Pitt joined his ex-wife for the holidays

Last Christmas, reports also revealed that Aniston and Pitt spent the holiday together. The source claimed that the atmosphere at the party was therapeutic for Pitt, who always wanted to make peace with his ex-wife.

“It makes him happy, and it shows him that people really can figure out their differences and move forward. He finds it promising that he’s been able to rectify past faults and be in a great place again with Jen,” the source said.

Brad Pitt attended Jennifer’s birthday party last year

And on the Friends star’s 50th birthday, she and Pitt, reportedly, had the chance to talk for a bit.

“It was very cordial, very nice. Everyone is in a good place with each other, but it wasn’t like they were hanging out all night or anything like that. It was seen as a really nice gesture by her for him being there and something that she really appreciated. The basis of their night together was that they are in a completely good place and had a very nice conversation, exchanging pleasantries with each other. It was nice that they could both be so mature and natural around each other,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston and Pitt, reportedly, patched things up in 2016 after the actress’s mom passed away.

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