Jennifer Aniston feuding with Reese Witherspoon over Julianna Margulies’ casting: Rumor


Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon aren’t, allegedly, on the same page when it comes to Julianna Margulies’ casting in The Morning Show.

According to StarJennifer Aniston didn’t want Margulies to be cast in the series.

However, Witherspoon gave the production team her go signal to get the Good Wife star on board.

Reese Witherspoon talking behind Jennifer Aniston?

And now that Margulies has been cast as Laura Peterson in The Morning Show, she and Witherspoon have been spending a lot of time with each other.

As such, Aniston couldn’t help but feel that her female co-stars are ganging up on her.

“It’s chaos. Jen doesn’t understand why Reese insisted on bringing Julianna on board. Julianna and Reese are whispering behind everybody’s backs and barking orders like they own the place. They’re not even inviting Jen to lunch,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon feud rumors

This isn’t the first time that Aniston and Witherspoon were pitted against each other.

In August, OK! magazine claimed that the A-listers have been feuding with each other for quite some time.

Since Aniston received an Emmy nomination for her role in The Morning Show and Witherspoon didn’t, the tabloid claimed that the latter couldn’t help but feel jealous.

However, the tabloid’s claims couldn’t be farther from the truth. After all, Witherspoon congratulated Aniston and the other members of their production team after they scored a nomination months ago.

Reese Witherspoon seething at her “The Morning Show” co-star

Around the same time, Life & Style also made a similar claim about Aniston and Witherspoon.

The tabloid alleged that Witherspoon is seething when she found out that Aniston was nominated and she wasn’t.

A source also predicted that Witherspoon and Aniston could get into an all-out feud just like their characters in the hit Apple TV+ series.

Meanwhile, there were also claims that Jennifer Aniston and Witherspoon fought over Brad Pitt.

The tabloid claimed that Aniston was upset when Witherspoon made it clear that she has a crush on Pitt simply because she liked his photo on Instagram.

“It took around 20 seconds to get back to Jen, who was insulted. Sure, it might look like harmless fun, but Jen felt it was very disrespectful. Jen is annoyed and now suspects her friend has been lusting after Brad all along,” the source said.

However, it is unlikely for Jennifer Aniston to have been upset over this because she and Pitt have long been over.

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