Jennifer Aniston first look as first female gay president on ‘First Ladies’ leaked?

Jennifer Aniston first look as first female gay president on 'First Ladies' leaked

Jennifer Aniston is set to appear in a new Netflix movie where she will be playing as the first female gay president and photos of her which seemed to be a promo for the film leaked.

Jennifer Aniston is enjoying a successful career after being nominated at the Emmys for her performance on The Morning Show. Aniston will be playing as the first female gay president in a new movie on Netflix as announced two years ago. One netizen shared a snap of her that seemingly showed her first look in the movie.

Jennifer Aniston first look in First Ladies

Photos of Jennifer Aniston that looked to be a promotional ad for First Ladies are circulating online. In the snap, the words “First Ladies” printed in blue and bold letters appear behind her as she sits on a chair in an all-black outfit with her legs wide open.

“Jennifer Aniston on being the first female gay president on Netflix’s new original film First Ladies,” the text read.

There is no date when it will be released.

Twitter reacts to Aniston’s photo

The photo immediately received several responses from other online users. Many are excited to see Jennifer Aniston taking on the non-conventional role.

The Friends alum is best known for her comedy roles. In fact, her recent Emmy nomination for best actress in a drama series was the first. However, she already won an Emmy for her comedy roles.

“I AM LOSING MY MIND OVER THIS,” one commented.

“oh my god this is amazing,” another wrote.

“I think it’s only right that Netflix know [sic] we are still waiting for this and expect them to deliver,” another added.

Meanwhile, another fan speculated that this role could be the one Aniston was referring to when she said she almost quit acting.

Aniston said in a recent interview that she accepted a project unprepared and it made her question her profession.

First Ladies movie background

In 2018, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Jennifer Aniston will be playing America’s first female president in Netflix’s First Ladies. According to the outlet, stand-up comedian, writer and actress Tig Notaro will play opposite Aniston as her wife.

It has been two years and fans are still waiting for it. The leaked photo of Aniston for First Ladies prompted many to hope that the anticipated movie is coming out soon.

Aniston’s job if she quit acting

Since Jennifer Aniston said she was considering quitting acting, she was asked what her job would be in case she switch careers. Brad Pitt’s ex-wife said she would be an interior designer because really loved the craft.

“I love it. It’s my happy place. It’s really a happy place for me,” Aniston said about designing.


Image used courtesy of Tinseltown/Shutterstock

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