Jennifer Aniston flirting with Mark Duplass even though he’s married: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston flirting with Mark Duplass even though he's married: Rumor

Jennifer Aniston has, allegedly, been flirting with her co-star, Mark Duplass.

According to Woman’s Day, even though Jennifer Aniston recently reunited with Brad Pitt, the actress still feels the need to entertain more than one man.

Jennifer Aniston harmlessly flirting with co-star

As such, Aniston, allegedly, had her eyes set on Duplass because she knows that their chemistry is palpable.

“She’s also opening herself up to some harmless flirtations with her co-stars and gets on like a house on fire with Mark Duplass, her co-star in Morning Wars,” the source said.

Mark Duplass not interested in Jennifer Aniston 

Mark Duplass not interested in Jennifer Aniston

However, the insider also insisted that Aniston and Duplass’s flirty relationship is harmless because the actress is aware that the latter is married.

“Mark is married and Jen would never cross that line with him. She knows all too well how it feels to have a husband stolen by a co-star, let’s just say. But she’s very game for having a laugh with him as they have such good working chemistry,” the source said.

Jennifer, Brad reuniting?

Meanwhile, the insider also claimed that Aniston has decided to put her ex-husband, Pitt on the backburner.

Weeks ago, rumors swirled that the exes have been hanging out again since they’re working on nearby studios on the Sony compound.

“They’re currently filming on adjacent sound stages, but he’s busy working on his new film Bullet Train with Sandra Bullock, which has sort of put an end to Jen popping over at random and hanging out at craft services or in Brad’s trailer,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is no proof that Jennifer Aniston and Pitt started hanging out again recently.

There is also no proof that Aniston is flirting with Duplass since she knows all too well that he’s married.

The tabloids have been linking the Friends star to a slew of men simply because she’s single.

Earlier this month, Life & Style alleged that Aniston is secretly dating a rich non-showbiz guy.

“He has money and is well-known in his industry but avoids the Hollywood scene. They enjoy quiet nights and spontaneous road trips. After being single for so long, Jen has two men fighting for her affection – with a whole bunch of others waiting in the wings to wine and dine her,” the source said.

However, it is important to note that Jennifer Aniston is still single today.

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